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Four Day Thailand Industrial Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Arrive in Bangkok | Greetings from the City of Angels

When you arrive at Bangkok airport, our representative will receive you and transfer you to your pre-arranged accommodation.

After arriving at the hotel for Thailand Industrial visit, complete the check-in procedures and relax for the remainder of the day.

One may take a stroll through the markets, visit local cafés, and take in the breathtaking splendour of the city of angels.

One can also photograph the Grand Palace, which is embellished with stunning architecture and delicate features, and learn why the monument is still the spiritual centre of the Thai nation after 150 years. call us for Thailand Industrial visit.

You can also pay a visit to Wat Phra Kaew, or the Emerald Buddha Temple, which is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace.

Post visit back to hotel, Night stay.



Day 2, Thailand Industrial visit |  A trip to Safari World |

Get ready for an exciting day by starting your day with a wonderful breakfast.

Depart for Thailand Industrial Visit in Gem factory/Furniture Factory/Chocolate Factory/Beer factory or any other related Industry followed by Travel to Thailand’s largest outdoor zoo and recreational park, which offers a wide range of entertainment for all ages.

Many activities are available, including a safari drive through stunning African rainforest settings and an up-close encounter with friendly dolphins, as well as an intense fast-paced action stunt spectacular. call us for Thailand Industrial visit.

In the Marine Park, you can see the unbridled beauty of marine animals like seals and sharks.

Don’t miss out on the day’s seven amazing presentations, which include elephant shows, dolphin displays, and more!

At the Hollywood Bowl, you may watch gunfights, bullwhips, and explosions by Cowboys .

After Industrial visit in Thailand and an adventurous day at Safari World, head back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Industrial Visit Thailand

Day 3, Bangkok to Pattaya Transfer | A city that never sleeps

After a fantastic breakfast, transfer to Pattaya, which is around 147 kilometres from Bangkok.

Witness the gorgeous countryside blanketed in lush foliage on your trip to Pattaya. call us for Thailand Industrial visit.

Return to Pattaya and complete the check-in procedures.

The remainder of the day is yours to do as you like.

You may take a trip down Pattaya Street and check out the numerous nightclubs, markets, local cafés, and other attractions.

Return to the hotel for a night’s stay.

Pattaya is where you will spend the night.

Thailand industrial visit

Day 4, Coral Island Tour | Experience the excitement of adrenaline-pumping water sports.

After a hearty breakfast, depart for a tour of Coral Island.

Take a speed boat to Coral Island, which will take around 45 minutes.

The Island provides a range of enjoyable water activities to participate in, so you’re sure to find something you’ve always wanted to try. write to us for Thailand industrial Visit

Snorkeling, sea walker diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and a variety of other sports are available.

Enjoy a stroll along the white sand beaches while watching the waves crash against the boulders.

Return to the hotel for an overnight stay after an exciting day.

Pattaya is where you will spend the night.

Departure | Take a backpack full of memories of Thailand Industrial visit to savour for the rest of your life.

Thailand industrial visit

Day 5, Check out of the hotel after breakfast and be transferred to the Bangkok airport for your return trip home.

Take a slew of memories with you to treasure for the rest of your life.

Bangkok is Thailand’s economic and commercial capital, as well as the country’s main port. Bangkok is Thailand’s financial capital, with almost one-third of the country’s banks and the Bangkok Stock Exchange based there. The baht is Thailand’s basic unit of currency, with a current exchange rate of around 40 baht to one US dollar. For Thailand Industrial visit Contact Us.


The majority of Bangkok’s manufacturers are small, with many of them being family-owned. The main manufacturing industries include food processing, textiles, and the fabrication of building materials. Cement, electronics, petroleum refining, and tourism are among the other businesses.

Big companies in Thailand

Thai Beverage Plc (ThaiBev)

Thai Beverage Plc (ThaiBev) is one of Southeast Asia’s largest beverage corporations, with distilleries in Thailand, China, and Scotland, as well as several acquisitions in the beverage sector in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. It has a market value of more than S$16.57 billion (US$12.12 billion) and is traded on the Singapore stock exchange. ThaiBev has been named a Dow Jones Sustainability Indices component as a recognised industry leader. Write to us for Thailand industrial Visit.

One Vision, One Bangkok

Two major enterprises have teamed up to develop an integrated city district of unparalleled scale, certain to become a new worldwide landmark attraction by combining Thailand’s distinctive legacy with contemporary lifestyle.

One Bangkok, the largest-ever fully integrated development in Thailand, is the brainchild of joint investors TCC Assets (Thailand) and worldwide corporation Frasers Property. It will serve as a smart city within a city, providing work, residential, and recreational space in the centre of Bangkok.

Bangkok Bank: The Financial Future

Bangkok Bank has been at the vanguard of innovation for more than 70 years, ensuring that its customers benefit fully from the most recent worldwide breakthroughs in financial knowledge and technology. Write to us for Thailand industrial visit.

Thailand’s economy is evolving, and the government is looking for new methods to maintain its robust growth rate in the face of shifting business paradigms driven by digital disruption. As a result, Bangkok Bank is focusing more on connecting clients and international investors with new prospects while also growing the breadth and depth of its offerings.

Siam Piwat

With its cutting-edge retail options, the innovative leader in destination development continues to draw visitors from around the world.


Thailand’s most popular retail and lifestyle developments are owned and operated by the Siam Piwat Group. Many of them are national and worldwide monuments that draw tens of millions of tourists each year, and they’ve all won top prizes from the world’s most prestigious retailers and retail development groups.


As Thailand embarks on a new 4.0 phase of socioeconomic growth in conjunction with the Eastern Economic Corridor, Amata Corporation Pcl, the country’s premier smart city supplier, is staying ahead of the curve with ambitious plans both domestically and regionally.

Smart Cities are integrated manufacturing and commercial estates that allow for symbiotic manufacturing processes in a single site, complete with cutting-edge infrastructure such as reliable power, clean water, and waste disposal. The new projects also provide high-quality apartments, retail areas, entertainment, and schools—all of the facilities of a typical city, but with considerably more efficiency, environmental awareness, and comfortable surroundings thanks to meticulous design. Thailand industrial visit.

Since the seventeenth century, Bangkok has been Thailand’s dominating city. Bangkok was founded as the capital in 1767 following the fall of the old city of Ayutthaya. It is situated on the Chao Phraya, one of Southeast Asia’s most important rivers.

Bangkok experienced significant modernization in the 1980s and 1990s, increasing to a population of around ten million people, making it the country’s only major city in a country of villages and small towns.

High buildings and traffic bottlenecks contrast with Bangkok’s old palaces and Buddhist temples. The city is blanketed with dense air pollution. In reality, police officers who direct traffic must wear masks. Despite these issues, Bangkok remains a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. call us for Thailand Industrial visit .

Thailand is one of Asia’s most racially homogeneous countries, with native Thais accounting for more than 80% of the population. The biggest minority population is Chinese, constituting ten to 14 percent, while all other ethnic groups together, including Malays, Indians, Burmese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Europeans, make for roughly five percent. Write to us for Thailand Industrial visit

Thailand’s official religion is Buddhism, and Bangkok is the country’s Buddhist capital, home to several of the country’s most prominent temples, known as wats. Buddhism is also the city’s most popular religion, with about 95 percent of residents practising it. Muslims make up 4% of Bangkok’s population, whereas Christians, Hindus, Confucians, and Sikhs make up less than 1%.

Bangkok has been Thailand’s largest and most important metropolis since the late 1700s. After the Burmese attacked and burned Ayutthaya, Siam’s (now Thailand’s) historic city, the capital was transferred down the Chao Phraya River to Thon Buri, or Old Bangkok, on the river’s west bank, in 1767. Upon succeeding to the throne in 1782, King Rama I (1737–1809;r. 1782–1809) relocated the capital to a village across the river. The large Chao Phraya River was strategically placed between the city and the frequently invading Burmese. Bangkok, which means “Village of Wild Plums,” was the name of the village across the river at the time, which was largely made up of Chinese traders.

Bangkok boasts a plethora of vibrant and packed marketplaces. Everything from phoney Rolex watches to luxury apparel is sold at the booths. Silks, jewellery, celadon pottery, lacquerware, masks, carvings, and antiquities are among Bangkok’s most popular exports, all of which are relatively inexpensive by Western standards.

Write to us for Thailand industrial visit

The open-air Weekend Market at Chatuchak Park is Bangkok’s largest market. The Weekend Market is a bazaar in the form of an Asian bazaar. Silom Road is a popular nightlife destination with booths and businesses. Many malls and chain retailers may be found across Bangkok. In traditional Thai markets, haggling is widespread.

From India, fly to Bangkok.

If you’re wondering how to get to Bangkok from India, the easiest approach is to take a flight with Thai Airways, Air India, Jet Airways, or another airline. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport are the two major airports in Bangkok. The former serves as an international and domestic airport, as well as providing a convenient last-mile connectivity option to the city, including buses and taxis, making travel from India to Bangkok easier.

The most convenient way to get to Bangkok is by plane. The best and quickest method to get to Thailand’s capital is to fly nonstop from India. In a week, there are around 30 direct flights from India to Bangkok, departing from a variety of cities. It’s an excellent idea to fly nonstop from Delhi to Bangkok with SpiceJet, Jet Airways, or Air India. The average flight time between Delhi and Bangkok is just over 4 hours. The distance between Delhi and Bangkok is approximately 2920 kilometres by air.

Best Time to visit Thailand


Best Season in Thailand

Bangkok is best visited during the winter months of November to March, when the weather is mild and pleasant. Traveling during the summer or monsoon necessitates enduring extremely hot and humid weather, limiting passengers to mostly indoor activities. Bangkok is the world’s second most visited city. Beautiful historical sites and temples, together with agreeable Bangkok weather, make Bangkok one of the most popular holiday destinations for those seeking to tour the world while putting their problems behind. As a result, some vital information on the ideal time to visit Thailand Industrial vsiist, namely Bangkok, is provided below.

Bangkok’s Summer Season

Bangkok’s summers are scorching. From April until June, this is the season. Bangkok weather in May is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. The Thai New Year also falls during this time, and people celebrate it with a three-day water fight. Though high temperatures may force visitors to stay indoors during their vacation to Bangkok at this time of year, there are various aquatic activities to enjoy with friends and family. Boat excursions, shopping in air-conditioned malls, and sampling Thai cuisine at rooftop restaurants and lounges are just a few of the greatest summer activities in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Monsoon Season

Between July and October, Bangkok experiences this season. Because of the hot and humid weather, this is Bangkok’s slowest tourism season. Hotels and other aquatic activities are heavily discounted during this time of year. This is the cheapest time to visit Bangkok because aeroplane tickets, hotels, and shopping opportunities are all available at bargain prices. Rainfall patterns are inconsistent, with light showers thrown in from time to time. The weather in Bangkok during the monsoons is ideal for numerous indoor activities, such as visiting retail malls, entertainment complexes, aquariums, and temples.

Bangkok’s Winter Season

Bangkok’s winters are bitterly cold, with frequent light showers. The winter season in Bangkok runs from November to March. This is the greatest time to visit Bangkok because of the cool and tranquil weather. During this season, the city’s weather is pleasant, and visitors may enjoy some of the city’s most stunning sights. During this season, there are two days of rain on average every month. December is the coldest month of the year, with temperatures dropping by about 20 degrees Celsius at night. The weather in Bangkok in December causes vendors and motels to raise their prices. As a result, the entire cost of the vacation may increase in comparison to what one may have budgeted for.


Industrial Visit to Thailand

Travel to

"Amazing Thailand "

Thailand is a magnet for travellers from all over the world, and rightly so, thanks to its incredible food, warm temperature, fascinating culture, breathtaking mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Thailand is a really beautiful nation with amazing weather and pleasantly kind people. Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand (), is a Southeast Asian country bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.
It is bordered on the northwest by Myanmar (Burma), the northeast by Laos, the southeast by Cambodia, and the south by Malaysia.

Finally, Thailand is an incredible location, and if you don’t enjoy the time of your life there, something is wrong with you.

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is noted for its colourful and stimulating atmosphere, as well as its rich history and culture. Krung Thep, or the ‘City of Angels,’ is a region of dazzling shrines and vibrant street life. This area has it all, whether you choose to spend your time in Bangkok seeing the famed temples of Wat Pho or Wat Phra Kaew, strolling through Chinatown, savouring the flavours of excellent Thai cuisines, or bartering in the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

The majority of Bangkok’s significant tourist attractions are historical sites or religious sites such as temples. Beautiful architecture, wall paintings, and historical significance can be found at Wat Phra Sri Rattanasamaram (Phra Kaew), Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangalaram (wat pho), Wat Arun Ratchawararam, Wat Sra Ket, and Phra Bor Banphot (Golden Mountain), Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Bowonn

thailand, sandy beach, vacations-653378.jpg
thailand, aerial view, sea-2708285.jpg

Pattaya, on the other hand, is a city that comes alive at night. It’s known as a carefree party town where people go to have a good time indefinitely. Pattaya has everything you need for a fantastic vacation, from elegant beach cafés to lively street markets, from plunging into the blue sea to dancing till dawn in the town’s best party area.

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'City of Angels'

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Thailand Industrial visit

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