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Three Day Sikkim Industrial Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Our tour agent will meet you at Bagdogra Airport or NJP Railway Station, depending on your preferred mode of transportation. For the next 4-5 hours, relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery along the road. When you arrive at the hotel, complete the check-in procedures and sit back for a moment. The day is free, so spend it meandering through local streets, exploring the city on your own, catching up on some shopping, and sampling the city’s famous specialties. The taste of Gangtok is quite unique and will undoubtedly enchant you. Don’t forget to try the Thupka and momos. Return to the hotel and spend the night after spending time on mall road.

Day 2, After breakfast , depart for Industrial visit followed by visit to Handicraft Centre, followed by Bakthang Falls, Tashi Viewpoint, and progresses with Flower Show, Chorten Tibetology, and Ganesh Tok. Don’t forget to go around MG Marg and try a cup of local tea; it’ll be well worth your time. Do Drul Chorten Stupa, Rumtek Monastery, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, and Tashi Viewpoint are some interesting attractions to visit. Return to the hotel after an exciting day of sightseeing and have a good night’s sleep. call us for Sikkim Industrial Visit

Gangtok Industrial Visit

Day 3, After you’ve finished your meal, hurry up and pack your belongings. After completing the requirements, check out of the hotel and use our transfer service to get to Bagdogra Airport/ NJP Railway Station. Don’t forget to bring back memories of your trip to Gangtok in the North East. On the 5-hour trip to the airport, relive the beauty of nature in the middle of the clouds, the attraction of nature, the sloppy and stepping mountain ranges capped by snow coverings. Sikkim Industrial Visit

Note : This is Just a Proposed itinerary and might change as per various reason like arrival and departure timing, Sikkim industrial visit dates and timings etc

Sikkim lacks a large-scale industrial base due to its steep topography and limited transportation facilities. The principal industries are brewing, distilling, tanning, and watchmaking, all of which are concentrated in the state’s southern regions, particularly in the cities of Melli and Jorethang. Furthermore, Sikkim has a modest mining sector that extracts minerals such copper, dolomite, talc, graphite, quartzite, coal, zinc, and lead. Sikkim’s economy has been among the fastest-growing in India since 2000, despite the state’s lack of industrial infrastructure; the state’s GDP increased by 89.93 percent in 2010. Sikkim made the decision to fully switch to organic farming in 2003, and in 2015, it became India’s first “organic state.”

Sikkim’s government has heavily encouraged tourism in recent years. As a result, since the mid-1990s, state revenue has surged 14 times. Sikkim has also put money into a nascent gaming business, which promotes both casinos and online gambling. The Casino Sikkim, the state’s first casino, opened in March 2009. In 2010, the government approved three gambling licences, one for casinos and the other for internet sports betting in general. In the state, the Playwin lottery has been a huge success. Call us for Sikkim Industrial Visit

The opening of the Nathu La pass, which connects Lhasa, Tibet, and India, on July 6, 2006, was heralded as a windfall for Sikkim’s economy. Despite the poor infrastructure in Sikkim and regulatory restrictions in both India and China, trade through the pass continues to be impeded.


List of Industries in Sikkim

  1.  M/S Sun Pharma SikkimSetipool,East Sikkim
  2.  M/S STP Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd.Sangkhola,East Sikkim
  3.  M/S Epitome Petrochemical (P) Ltd.Sangkhola,East Sikkim
  4.  M/S Zydus Healthcare,Bagheykhola,East Sikkim
  5.  M/S Sonakshi Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd.Majhitar,East Sikkim
  6. M/S Indchemie Health Specialities (P) Ltd.Kumrek,East Sikkim
  7.  M/S Alkem Laboratories Ltd.Kumrek,East Sikkim
  8.  M/S JNRT Commercial (p) Ltd.Kumrek,East Sikkim
  9. M/S SICPA India Ltd.Mamring,South Sikkim
  10. M/S Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.Mamring,South Sikkim
  11. M/S Golden Cross Pharma(P) Ltd.Rorathang,East Sikkim
  12. M/S Cipla Ltd.Kumrek,East Sikkim
  13. M/S PTS Packers & Providers (P) Ltd.Sangkhola,East Sikkim
  14. C.G.Foods India (P) Ltd.Near Food Godown,Rangpo,East Sikkim
  15. Pristine Life Sciences,Opp.Bhanu Park,Singtam,East Sikkim
  16. 1Sheela Foam (P) Ltd.Bagheykhola,East Sikkim
  17. M/S YoksumBreweriesLtd.Melli,South Sikkim
  18. M/s Mount Distilleries Ltd.Majhitar,East Sikkim
  19. M/S Mayell & Fraser (P) Ltd.Bagheykhola,Singtam,East Sikkim
  20. ADS Industries,Manpur,South Sikkim
  21. Sikkim Agrochem (P) Ltd.Majhitar,East Sikkim
  22. M/S Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.32 Mile , NH 31/A E- Sikkim
  23. 23.Sikkim Distilleries Ltd.Majhitar,East Sikkim
  24. 24.Intas Pharmaceuticals,Majhitar,East Sikkim
  25. 25.Unichem Laboratories,Bagheykhola,East Sikkim
  26. 26.Himalaya Distilleries,Majhitar,East Sikkim
  27. 27.Sikkim Ispat Udyog (P) Ltd.Majhitar,East Sikkim
  28. 28.Greenways (P) Ltd.Samlik Marchak,Industrial Growth Centre,Ranipool
  29. 29.Agape Drugs & Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.Majhitar,Rangpo,East Sikkim
  30. 30.Sikkim Organics,Manpur,East Sikkim
  31. 31.Bhawana Paper Industry,Mamring,South Sikkim
  32. 32.Nextgen Printers (P) Ltd.Majhitar,Rangpo,East Sikkim
  33. 33.Government Fruit Preservation Factory,Singtam,East Sikkim
  34. 34.Kailash Roller Flour Mill (P) Ltd.Tadong,East Sikkim
  35. 35.M/S Rangeet Associates (P0 Ltd.Sikkim Flour Mill Complex 5th mile, Tadong
  36. 36.M/S Sikkim Time Corporation,Deorali,Gangtok,East Sikkim
  37. 37.M/S Sikkim Jewels Ltd.Tadong,Gangtok,East Sikkim
  38. 38.Alkem Health Science ,samardung ,south sikkim
  39. 39.Macleods Pharma , Aho namthang Near Ranipool.
  40. 40.Glenmark ,Near Ranipool.
  41. 41.INTAS (Under cons.) lower mamring
  42. 42.Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd(under cons.) lower mamring .
  43. 43.Aristo pharma ,Near bagheykhola. East sikkim .

The Namgyal dynasty established the Kingdom of Sikkim in the 17th century. The Chogyal, Buddhist priest-kings, governed the country. In 1890, it was made a princely state of British India. Sikkim maintained its protectorate status with the Union of India after 1947, and the Republic of India after 1950, following Indian independence. Among Himalayan states, it had the greatest literacy rate and per capita income. Anti-royalist protests erupted in front of the Chogyal’s palace in 1973. After the Indian Army took over Gangtok in 1975, a referendum was held that resulted in the monarchy being deposed and Sikkim becoming India’s 22nd state. call us for Sikkim Industrial Visit

Sikkim is a multiethnic and multilingual Indian state in modern times. English, Nepali, Sikkimese, and Lepcha are the state’s official languages. For the preservation of culture and tradition in the state, additional official languages include Gurung, Limbu, Magar, Mukhia, Newari, Rai, Sherpa, and Tamang. In schools, English is taught, and it is utilised in government papers. Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism are the two most popular religions. Agriculture and tourism are the two mainstays of Sikkim’s economy. The state had the fifth-lowest GDP among Indian states in 2019, while being one of the fastest-growing. Sikkim Industrial Visit

Sikkim produces the most cardamom in India and is the world’s second-largest producer after Guatemala. Between 2003 and 2016, Sikkim completed its goal of converting its agriculture to 100% organic, making it the first state in India to do so.

Gangtok, The city was founded as a Buddhist pilgrimage place in the 1840s, and once British authority ended, it became the seat of an independent monarchy before joining India in 1975. It is still a Tibetan Buddhist centre, as well as a base for hikers arranging permits and transportation for hikes through Sikkim’s Himalayan mountain ranges.

How to Reach Gangtok

What is the best way to get to Gangtok by air?

If you want to travel to Gangtok by air, the closest airport is in Bagdogra, West Bengal. Bagdogra and Gangtok are approximately 124 kilometres apart. This large airport is well connected to all of India’s main cities. You can also take a helicopter service offered by the Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation, which runs daily flights from Bagdogra to Gangtok and takes around 20 minutes.

Pakyong Airport is the closest airport.

What is the best way to get to Gangtok by train?

New Jalpaiguri , The train station has excellent connections to both big and minor cities throughout the country. The majority of travellers prefer to travel to Gangtok via train.

How to Get to Gangtok on the Road

Gangtok is well connected by road to Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong, with National Highway 31A providing access to the region. There are a number of regular Sikkim state transportation buses that run between Gangtok and Siliguri. Private buses, jeeps, and taxis can also be hired from Siliguri and Bagdogra.

Best Time to visit Sikkim


Best Season in Gangtok

During the summer months of April to June, the temperature in Gangtok ranges from 20 degrees to a maximum of 27 degrees, making it a great time to find and enjoy a relaxing vacation.


Gangtok’s Winter Season

The average winter temperature in the region is 4 °C (39 °F) to 7 °C (45 °F). In this part of the world, snowfall is uncommon, and freezing is even rarer. In the winter, the temperature drops to 4°C. It is also the greatest time to visit Gangtok during this time.

Gangtok’s Summer Season

The climate in Gangtok is generally mild throughout the year. In general, mercury levels in the summer range from an average of 22°C. From March through June, the region experiences its summer season.

Gangtok’s Monsoon Season

From June through September, the monsoon season is in full swing. Deep heavy rains characterise this season, which frequently result in landslides. Rainfall usually begins to increase in May, just before the monsoon, and peaks during the monsoon itself.

Gangtok is a one-of-a-kind hill station in India that attracts visitors from all over the world, including Buddhist pilgrims, tourists, and honeymooners. It is a popular tourist destination due to its cultural fusion and tradition, as well as a romantic hideaway for honeymooners and a formidable halt for trekkers and explorers. Aside from its lush vegetation and uncommon species of flora and wildlife, Gangtok has some of the world’s highest altitude peaceful lakes, and visitors can reach the enormous heights of Nathula Pass, often known as the Silk Route between India and China, en route to this hill resort.

Gangtok attracts a large number of tourists throughout its peak season, which runs from September to June. However, if you’re looking for the finest time to visit Gangtok, the brisk autumn months of September and October, as well as the spring and summer months of March to June, are excellent. Anyone considering a crazy and daring vacation to Gangtok during the monsoon season should be mindful of the dangers of landslides, which can be devastating.



Industrial Visit to Sikkim

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Paradise of India

Sikkim, an utopia blessed with natural riches ranging from extremely cold deserts to flowering alpine meadows, lush green forests, and emerald mountain lakes, is located in the Eastern Himalayan region with an area of 7,096 sq km and an altitude varying from 300m to 8,586m above sea level. The beautiful Mt. Khangchendzonga (8,586m), the world’s third tallest mountain, is without a doubt the crowning feature of this wilderness. The mountain is more than a physical thing; it is also the home of a guardian deity whose benign watchfulness maintains the land’s peace and prosperity.

In a couple of hours, you may travel from the subtropical heat of the lower valleys to the cold of the steep mountain slopes that soar up to areas of constant snow. Because of the rapid ascent in altitude over such a short distance, the area is able to support a diverse natural heritage and wealth. Sikkim is shaped as a magnificent, mystical wonderland by snow-capped mountain ranges, lush thick forests, plunging mountain valleys teeming with rich flora and fauna, picture perfect villages, groves of rhododendrons, hot springs, waterfalls, perennial streams, and the grand rivers Teesta and Rangit.

IMG_2597Industrial Tour Hyderabad

Sikkim has a similarly rich and diverse population structure, with a wide range of groups and religions, as well as tightly knit colourful cultures, with the main uniting aspect being the kind, inviting spirit of the people everywhere. In Sikkim, the word “Atithi Devo Bhava” takes on new significance. The State’s cultural canvas is filled with a wide range of rites, songs, dances, traditional attire, folklore, and stories. The chiming of temple bells and the fluttering of prayer flags at monasteries produce a sense of righteousness and spiritual healing. In this hallowed land, you will feel revitalised, revitalised, and spiritually enlightened.

Industrial visit Sikkim
travel, sikkim, gangtok-4293286.jpg

The calm lakes, gushing rivers, and immaculate waterfalls reveal nature in all its glory. The mountainous environment is dotted with sacred lakes, waterfalls, and hot water springs. Within a limited geographic region of only 7,096 square kilometres, Sikkim possesses a magnificent array of natural environments and fauna. The panoramas are limitless and enthralling for a tourist who is taken aback by such grandeur, from river valleys and verdant woods to alpine meadows with a rainbow of flowers blossoming in the monsoon; to ice barren high glaciers and freezing deserts.

Industrial visit

'the hidden valley of rice'

Industrial tour

Sikkim-Kalimpong Industrial visit

Sikkim -Darjeeling Industrial Visit

Sikkim Industrial visit

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