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Four Day Mussoorie Industrial Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Arrive at Dehradun, transfer to pre-booked hotel , freshen up , relax a bit , post lunch depart for Industrial visit , Dehradun has become the industrial centre of Uttarakhand, with the establishment of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) throughout the city. After the visit Dinner and night stay at the Hotel.

Day 2, After Breakfast visit Mindrolling , This is one of the Nyingma school of Buddhism’s six monasteries, built in 1965 by Khochhen Rinpoche. It was constructed in order to restore faith in the region. After the visit proceed to the Sahastradhara waterfalls, which literally means “a thousand springs,” are one of Dehradun’s most renowned tourist attractions. On the Baldi river, Sahastradhara is a collection of many waterfalls. Water drips into these ponds from limestone stalacites, with a total length of around 9 metres. The water is said to have medicinal characteristics that can help with acne, arthritis, muscle aches, and poor blood circulation. Evening at self-disposal followed by dinner and night stay at the hotel. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit.

Day 3, After breakfast depart for Mussoorie , It is a hill station about 35 kilometres from Dehradun, reach Mussoorie in an hour , check in the Hotel, post lunch visit , post lunch visit Mall Road /Gun Hill Point , The Mall Road, which runs through the centre of Mussoorie, is known for its gorgeous vistas that offer breathtaking views of the Doon Valley. Every viewpoint on the Mall has benches and lamposts. The architecture of colonial mansions kept reminding me of British architecture. Visitors enjoy to buy souvenirs from the stores that line both sides of the mall road. Followed by dinner and night stay at the Hotel. enjoy your stay. Write to us for Mussoorie Industrial visit.

Day 4, After Breakfast Checkout , and depart to Kempty Fall. Kempty Falls, a massive waterfall with somersaulting streams before striking the bottom, is the most popular and oldest tourist attraction near Mussoorie. Kempty Falls, a wonderful picnic location or a perfect day out spot nearby Mussoorie at a distance of 15 miles, was created by a British man more than 150 years ago. On the way back visit company garden , Mussoorie’s Company Garden is a popular picnic spot. It was once known as Mussoorie Botanical Gardens. Dr. H. Fackner, a well-known geologist, designed this garden in the early twentieth century. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit.

The garden is surrounded by a lovely green carpet of lawns with a fountain in the centre. Dahlias, Begonias, Pansies, and Petunias are among the over 800 distinct types of flowers found there. The garden contains a nursery where you may buy a variety of plants.

Evening depart back to Dehradun, drop at railway station, bus stop

Note : This is Just a Proposed itinerary and might change as per various reason like arrival and departure timing, Mussoorie Industrial visit dates and timings etc

Students going for industrial visit in Mussoorie does Industrial visit in Haridwar or Dehradun, hence we are here by providing you the industrial profile of both the districts .


Dehradun is nestled between the majestic Himalayan and Shivalik Ranges. Many sectors, particularly Argo-Based Industries, perceive Dehradun to be a desirable site due to its location and environment. Food processing, biotechnology, floriculture, information technology, and tourism are the primary sectors in Dehradun. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit.

List of Large Scale Industries in Dehradun

  1. M/s Doiwala Sugar Co Ltd, Address: Doiwala, Dehradun 248140, Phone: 0135 2695109
  2. Flex Foods Limited, Address: Lal Tappar Industrial Area, Haridwar Road, Dehradun – 248140, Phone: 135-2499234 / 262
  3. M/s Sara Services & Oilfield Engineers, Address: 7/1 Pritam Road, Dehradun – 248 001, Phone: 91-135 2672395, 2669136
  4. M/s Birla Yamaha Limited, Address: Lal Tappar, P.O. Resham Mazri, Dehradun – 248140, Phone: 42594100, 22026340, write us for Dehradun Industrial visit
  5. M/s Eveready Industries (India) Limited, Address: E-32, Selaqui Industrial Area, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  6. M/s Videocon Industries Limited, Address: Khasara No-292, Industrial Area, Selaqui, Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001, Phone: 0135 266 6673
  7. Intas Pharmaceuticals, Address: Camp Road, Selaqui, Dehradun – 248001, Phone: +91-135-2698659, 2699098, 2699174, 2699175, Call us for Dehradun Industrial visit
  8. Sharon Bio Medicine Limited, Address: Khasra No 1027, 1028, 103 Central Hope Town, Selaqui, Dehradun – 248001, Phone: 0135 269 9165
  9. Apache Footwear Pvt. Ltd, Address: Central Hope Town, Selaqui Industrial Area, Dehradun – 248197

Apart from above, Dehradun also has 52 medium scale industries with a capital investment of 1398 crores and 77 service industries. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit


Stone rolling mills, paper mills, sugar mills, mentha oil units, flour and rice mills, and dairy products, floriculture, rice and wheat production, horticulture, and fish farming are just some of the industrial and agricultural industries. Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited is very proud of Haridwar (BHEL). Around BHEL, 750 plots are available for the 500 units. SIDCUL has equity participation from LIC, ICICI, and SIDBI in addition to the State Government.

Indo Asian Switchgear Limited, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Vijai Electricals, SBL, Hero Honda, Controls & Switchgears Limited, ITC, Mahindra & Mahindra, and others have their headquarters in Haridwar. There are additional 250 trained and professional personnel employed by SGV electronic industries.

Mussoorie, often known as the Queen of the Hills, is a beautiful hill resort famed for its scenic splendour. It has a spectacular view of the vast Himalayan mountain peaks in the north-west, as well as sparkling views of the Doon Valley. In 1827, Captain Young, an ambitious military commander, was drawn to the incredibly picturesque ridge and lay the foundation for Mussoorie. The town has retained much of its colonial charm and is well worth a visit for its magnificent surroundings and walks. Because Dehradun is located in the Garhwal region, the Garhwali people’s native customs have had a significant influence on its culture. The predominant languages spoken are Hindi and Garhwali. English, Punjabi, and other languages are spoken in the area.

What is the best way to get to Mussoorie?

Mussoorie, located in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range, is a popular weekend retreat for residents of Delhi and other parts of north India. Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination due to its year-round agreeable climate, superb Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan food, bustling Mall Road, and magnificent hills and valleys. Tourist attractions include Kempty Falls, Jharipani Falls, and Cloud End. Mussoorie may be reached from anyplace in India. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit

What is the best way to get to Mussoorie by air?

The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Dehradun’s Jollygrant Airport. There are direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Dehradun. From Dehradun, local taxis or buses can be rented to get to Mussoorie. Alternatively, travellers can fly to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, which is the second closest airport to Mussorie and has decent air access to the rest of India, and then travel to Mussorie by bus or automobile. Write to us for Mussoorie Industrial visit


How to Get to Mussoorie on the Road

Mussoorie is connected to adjacent cities such as Delhi, Dehradun, and other key towns in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand by a variety of state government and private buses. Buses to Mussoorie run frequently and on a daily basis, allowing travellers to choose the bus that best suits their needs. . Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit


What is the best way to get to Mussoorie by train?

The nearest railway station to Mussoorie is Dehradun Railway Station, which is around 36 kilometres away. Dehradun is served by a number of trains from far and near places such as Delhi, Kolkata, Jammu, and Amritsar. Visitors can take local cabs or buses to Mussoorie after arriving in Dehradun by train.

What is the best way to get to Mussoorie by air?

Mussoorie is around 59 kilometres from Jolly Grant airfield, which is part of the Dehradun conurbation. As a result, visitors and sightseers can easily reach Mussoorie using the Dehradun airport. From the airdrome, buses and local transportation are available to take you to Mussoorie’s tourist attractions. . Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit



Best Time to visit Mussoorie


Best Season in Mussoorie

What is the best time to visit Mussoorie?


The summer season, from April to mid-July, is the greatest time to visit Mussoorie because the weather is ideal for sightseeing. Mussoorie and Dehradun are also at their busiest at this time. Another ideal time to visit Mussoorie is between September and mid-November, when the Himalayas are shrouded in mist. December through February is the greatest season to visit Mussoorie if you want to see snow. From 15 July to 15 September, avoid visiting Mussoorie during the monsoon season.

Summer at Mussoorie (March – June)

The summers of Mussoorie are lengthy, lasting from March until June. While some may expect the summers to be hot and humid, the hill station has moderately temperate temps that provide a welcome break from the heat. Temperatures range from a bone-chilling 15 degrees Celsius to a freezing 25 degrees Celsius. This is precisely why thousands of people go to Mussoorie throughout the summer months. Mussoorie’s popularity during the summers makes it the peak season, which means that while it is the ideal time to visit, it also means that there will be a lot of people and less calm spots. Summers in Mussoorie also mean that the snow from the previous winter months has melted away, revealing the town’s natural beauty. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit

Monsoon in Mussoorie (July – September)

Monsoons in Mussoorie have the most conflicting reviews and prove to be different for all individuals. While some argue that the landslides that plague the hill station’s roads are highly unsafe and hence render Mussoorie inaccessible, others argue that the monsoon season is the greatest time to visit. In the months of July, August, and September, Mussoorie’s roads are definitely slick and prone to landslides, but if one dares to visit the hill station, they will be rewarded with a breathtaking vista. The entire hill station emits a tranquil, dreamy vibe that transports you away from your problems and concerns. Mussoorie is likewise shrouded in mist, making the scenery appear even more beautiful. Write to us for Mussoorie Industrial visit


Winter in Mussoorie (October – February)

Winters in Mussoorie are also considered to be among of the greatest times to visit. This is due to the fact that the entire hill station is blanketed in a blanket of beautiful white snow, giving the town an entirely distinct appearance. At night, the temperature drops to below zero degrees. From mid-December until mid-February, the roads are closed due to snowfall. Snowfall is common in December, January, and February, and experiencing this phenomenon is a popular tourist attraction. The Christmas festival, during which the entire town is lit up with strings of lights and Christmas decorations, is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Call us for Mussoorie Industrial visit


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Industrial Visit to ussoorie

Travel to

Queen of hills

Mussoorie, popularly known as the Queen of the Hills, is one of India’s most prominent hill stations. Captain Frederick Young, accompanied by FJ Shore, a British officer, ascended up the hill from the Doon valley in 1827 and discovered this ridge affording wonderful views and a pleasant environment. This trip established the groundwork for this magnificent highland station.

It’s a fantastic summer resort for leisure travellers and honeymooners because it’s a mesmerising paradise. Mussoorie is situated at a height of 2,000 metres above sea level on a 15-kilometer-long horseshoe ridge with the majestic Himalayas as a backdrop. It provides breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks in Western Garhwal from this vantage point.

IMG_2597Industrial Tour Hyderabad

In 1827, Captain Young, an ambitious military commander, was drawn to the incredibly picturesque ridge and lay the foundation for Mussoorie. The town has retained much of its colonial charm and is well worth a visit for its magnificent surroundings and walks. Because Dehradun is located in the Garhwal region, the Garhwali people’s native customs have had a significant influence on its culture.

Dehradun Industrial visit 45jpeg

Many well-known people have called Mussoorie home, including authors Ruskin Bond and Bill Aitken. Victor Banerjee, a film celebrity, lives in Mussoorie, while Tom Alter, a deceased film star, was born and raised here. In the 1960s, Bollywood star Prem Nath lived here, and Dev Anand’s son attended Woodstock School. This mountainous retreat is frequented by cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

When is the best time to visit?

Industrial visit

'view to Doon valley'

Industrial tour

Haridwar-Dehradun Industrial visit

Mussoorie-Dehradun Industrial Visit

Dehradun Industrial visit

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