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Thiruvananthapuram Industrial visit
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Six Day Thiruvananthapuram Industrial Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Arrive at Kochi, transfer to pre booked hotel, freshen up and visit industry,  Ernakulam District is the state’s highest revenue-producing district and is referred to as Kerala’s commercial hub. The city’s quicker growth has been aided by the Cochin Port, Cochin Shipyard, and Info Park, among other things. Tourism has also played a significant role in the district’s economy. For visitors to Kerala, Ernakulam is known as the “Gateway to Kerala.” In comparison to other cities in Kerala, Ernakulam is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a well-developed port and an international airport. Kochi, in Ernakulam, is known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and offers visitors heritage and historic monuments, as well as a landscape crisscrossed by backwaters that meet the Arabian Sea at various spots. After industrial visit spend the afternoon exploring in and around Cochin, the Queen of the Arabian Sea, which is one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours and was formerly a key hub for business and trade with the British, Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch, among others. Dutch Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Jewish Street, St. Francis Church, and Chinese Fishing Nets are among Cochin’s tourist attractions, followed by dinner and night stay at the Hotel. Call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala Industrial visit

Day 2, Check out of the hotel and drive to Munnar after breakfast (04 Hrs drive). Enjoy several waterfalls and natural beauty sites along the trip. When you arrive in Munnar, check into your hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Followed by dinner and night stay at the Hotel.

Day 3, After breakfast, spend the day touring the sights in the area. Munnar is 1600 metres above sea level and is at the confluence of three mountain streams: Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundale. This magnificent highland station was originally the British government’s summer retreat in South India. Mattupetty Dam, Kundale Lake, and Echo Point are among Munnar’s local attractions. Afternoon drive to Rajamalai, where you can see the rarest kind of mountain goat, the “Nilgiri Thars.” At Munnar, followed by dinner and night stay at the hotel. Call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala Industrial visit

Day 4, After breakfast, check out of your Munnar hotel and drive to Alleppey (172 KM away). It takes about 4 hours and 50 minutes to drive from Munnar to Alleppey. Upon arrival in Munnar, go on a romantic overnight backwater trip on traditional houseboats. Check-in is at 1:00 p.m., and the cruise begins with lunch. Allow your eyes to settle for the odd and unusual while sailing in these floating luxury villas – skim through Chinese fishing nets, bowed-down rice fields, and locals manufacturing coir goods, rustic cottages, ancient temples, and swaying coconut plantations. Onboard, food will be served, followed by dinner and night stay at the houseboat. Call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala Industrial visit

Day 5, After breakfast check out and depart to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala , reach Thiruvananthapuram by noon, check in the hotel, After lunch, go to one of Kerala’s top beaches, Kovalam Beach. This beach is known as the ‘Paradise of the South’ because it is only 30 minutes from the city. The name of the location literally translates to “a grove of coconut trees,” and you will be treated to unending views of coconut palms here. As you watch the sunset over the Arabian Sea’s horizon, take in the scenery, followed by dinner and night stay at the hotel. Call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala Industrial visit

Day 6, Early morning visit to Padmanabha Swamy, the richest temple on the earth,  after breakfast checkout and visit Kerala Science and Technology Museum, it is a museum dedicated to science and technology in Kerala. Many educational exhibits and activities focusing on diverse scientific ideas in the domains of physics, electronics, and technology may be found at this museum. Followed by drop at railway station or bus stop. Call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Note : This is Just a Proposed itinerary and might change as per various reason like arrival and departure timing, industrial visit dates and timings etc

Kerala’s coastal zone is home to the majority of the state’s industrial and commercial companies. Ernakulam and Trivandrum, among the coastal districts, have a disproportionately large number of industries, followed by Alappuzha, Kollam, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasargod, and Malapuram. The Eloor- Edayar- Ambalamugal area is a prominent industrial sector along the banks of the Cochin backwaters in the coastal zone of Kochi, Ernakulam District.

Kerala’s industrial sector includes medium and big businesses, as well as micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSME) and traditional industries. Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (KSIDC), Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA), Public Sector Restructuring and Internal Audit Board (RIAB), Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), and Centre for Management Development are the departments/agencies that deal with medium and large industries (CMD). Department of Industries and Commerce, Directorate of Handloom and Textiles, Directorate of Coir Development, Khadi and Village Industries Board, and Capex are the agencies that deal with MSME and traditional industries. This sector also includes the Department of Mining and Geology.

The Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) is one of the Central Government’s seven Special Economic Zones. In 1984, it was established as a Multi-Product Export Processing Zone to improve the state’s exports. In November 2000, the Cochin Export Processing Zone was designated as a Special Economic Zone. It is well connected to the National Highway network and is spread across 103 acres in the newly rising Kakkanad, about five kilometres from the city centre on the Cochin Seaport Airport Highway.

  1. CSEZ is a multi-product zone with 81 operational units and four under construction (as of 31.3.2007) in sectors as diverse as software, hardware, engineering, readymade garments, food processing, rubber products, gem & jewellery, and manufacturing, and employs over 7800 people, making it the state’s single largest employer. In this zone, both multinational corporations and domestic corporations have set up shop. Exports in 2006-07 totaled Rs.1037.52 crore, up from Rs.696.00 crore in 2005-06. This is a 49.07 percent increase. In Kerala, 61 units were operational in 2006-07, with another 19 under construction. In Lakshadweep, one unit is operational. call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala’s exports from EQUs totaled Rs.1071 crore in 2006-07, while exports in 2007-08 are expected to total Rs.1250 crore. In Kerala, five Special Economic Zones were announced in 2006-07, three of which are IT/ITES zones and two of which are port-based zones. Kerala, like other states, has seen a rapid increase in the number of proposals and authorised SEZs following the Special Economic Zone Act and SEZ Rules of the Government of India. Following the SEZ Act of 2005, Kerala has been granted eight SEZs.

Major Industries such as

  • Fertilizer and Chemicals Travancore Ltd.(FACT)
  • Kochi Refineries Ltd.(KRL)
  • Hindustan Organic Chemicals (HOC)
  • Cominco Binani and Cochin Shipyard are located in Kochi availing the advantage of the port facilities.

The world famous Chavara placer deposits of the Kollam district support three major mineral industries in Kerala viz.

  • The Indian Rare Earths Ltd. (IRE)
  • Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.(KMML) at Chavara (Kollam)
  • The Travancore Titanium Products (TTP) at Veli (Trivandrum).
  • Bamboo Tile Factory, Cheruvannur
  • Kerala SIDCO Tool Room Cum Training Centre, Olavanna
  • Steel Complex, Cheruvannur
  • Kerala Soaps, Gandhi Road
  • Malabar Spinning & Weaving Mill, Thiruvannur
  • Kerala Feeds, Chemancheri
  • KELTRON, Moodadi
    1. Cashew processing businesses, a traditional business in the state, are primarily concentrated in the Kollam district’s coastline area. There are around 300 large and medium scale companies and 1,66,000 small scale industries in the coastal area, with the majority of them concentrated along the coast (KSPCB, 20002). 250 major and medium-scale companies and 5000 small-scale industries pollute the environment significantly. call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala, despite its limitations, is working hard to achieve rapid industrial development in the state. Traditional industries include handloom, cashew, coir, and handicrafts, all of which employ people from the poorer portions of society. Rubber, tea, ceramics, electric and electronic appliances, telephone cables, transformers, bricks and tiles, drugs and chemicals, general engineering, plywood splints and veneers, beedi and cigar, soaps and oils, fertilisers, and khadi and village industry products are among the other important industries.

  1. Precision instruments, machine tools, petroleum products, paints, pulp paper, newspaper, glass, and non-ferrous metals are produced at a number of manufacturing units. Cashew nuts, tea, coffee, spices, lemon grass oil, shellfish, rose wood, and coir are the main export items. Kerala is blessed with a plethora of high-quality china clay deposits and seashore sands containing a variety of important minerals. call us for Kerala Industrial visit

Heavy mineral sands and china clay account for more than 90% of the state’s overall mineral production value. In the coastal tracts between Neendakara and Kayamkulam, Kerala has one of the world’s best mineral sand resources. Gold is found in both primary and placer deposits in Kerala, with the majority of known occurrences in the Wayanad and Nilambur regions.

  1. Handicraft industry: One of Kerala’s traditional industries is the handicraft industry. Ivory, bamboo, palm leaves, seashells, wood, coconut shells, clay, fabric, coir, metals, stone, lacquer ware, and other materials are used in Kerala’s handicrafts. Many antique handcraft classics can be found in the State’s palaces, old heritage homes, and museums. The vast majority of traditional artisans come from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. call us for Kerala Industrial visit


  1. Bamboo Industry: Bamboo is a high-yielding, renewable, and environmentally benign material with a wide range of uses. It’s widely employed in environmental protection, as a nutrition food, as a high-value construction material, and in over 1,500 other uses. On a global scale, it is believed that roughly 2.5 billion people use bamboo in some way or another. Advanced study is being done to see if bamboo can be used to create a more efficient fuel generation system.
  2. Handloom Industry: Among Kerala’s traditional industries, the handloom sector is second only to the coir sector in terms of job creation. Traditional handlooms, power looms, and spinning are all part of Kerala’s textile industry. The handloom industry in Kerala is mostly located in the districts of Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur, as well as parts of Kozhikode, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kollam, and Kasaragod. The cooperative sector dominates the industry, accounting for 96% of all looms. Industrial entrepreneurs own the remaining 4 percent of handloom units. call us for Kerala Industrial visit
  3. Cashew: In India, cashew is a major commercial horticultural crop. The overall production of raw cashew nuts in India in 2010-11 was anticipated to be 653000 MT, up 6.53 percent from the estimated production of 613000 MT in 2009-10. Both cashew planting and cashew nut processing have a long history in Kerala. Though the output of raw cashew nuts in Kerala is on the rise, it climbed from 66000 MT in 2009-10 to 71000 MT in 2010-11. An estimate of raw cashew nut production in several states during 2010-11.
  4. Beedi Industry: On Kerala, the beedi industry is centred in Kozhikkode, Kannur, and Kasaragod. The Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Central Co-operative Society Ltd. was the state’s only organisation dedicated to promoting the structured beedi industry. The society focused on the upliftment of units producing varied products for the rehabilitation of around 7000 beedi workers during the year under review. The society gave beedi workers a Relief Pension of Rs.466.03 lakh and a gratuity of Rs.600.00 lakh to those who retired from employment between 2006-07 and 30.09.2009. call us for Kerala Industrial visit


Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s capital, is a gracious and evergreen city spread across seven hills steeped in history and culture. Its shores are washed by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, which is located in the state’s extreme south. This is a city where time moves gracefully, with the day unfolding according to time-honored rhythms, qualities that distinguish it as one of the best in the country. Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, located in the heart of the capital, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, who reclines on the serpent Anantha and after whom the city is named. The city was renamed Trivandrum after its original name was restored in 1991.


KERALA has its unique culture and traditions. With its beaches, hill stations, backwaters, bird and wild life sanctuaries, and other attractions, Kerala is the most popular tourist destination. Kerala is known for its diverse flora and fauna. Kerala celebrations draw a large number of visitors. Kerala is India’s first state with a literacy rate of 100%. Kerala cinema has long been associated with high-quality films. Kerala is also home to a plethora of literary legends. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala’s Kathakali is a stylised traditional Indian dance-drama known for its appealing character make-up, expensive costumes, detailed gestures, and well-defined body movements performed to the anchor recorded melody and accompanying percussion. Kalaripayattu, which originated in Kerala, is one of the world’s oldest combat systems. Strikes, kicks, grappling, fixed forms, and weaponry are all part of Kalaripayattu.

Kerala is surrounded by nature, with a network of 44 rivers and azure blue backwaters. This clean and quiet state is located in India’s south-east and is well-known for its unusual animals, plants, emerald green hill stations, and the crystal clear Arabian Sea that runs along its coast. It is, without a doubt, God’s own land. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

Kerala, along with Sikkim, is claimed to be India’s cleanest state, according to a poll done by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). The only state in which every village has a hospital and a bank. Along with being the cleanest state, it also has all of the required amenities. Kerala is the only state that has supplied banking and hospital amenities in its most rural areas, hence enhancing its overall growth.

The Kerala Tourism Department’s tagline encapsulates all about this outdoor state. Kerala offers the most scenic backdrop for all your photos, with the Arabian Sea in the west and a river of backwaters running through the state. A swarm of coconut palms can be seen, and the water is turquoise blue.

Kerala is noted for being a forerunner in the use of Ayurveda as a treatment method. Somatheeram, the world’s first Ayurvedic resort, is also located here. Ayurveda is also employed in the fields of aesthetics, massage, and hair care. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

Ayurveda is mostly utilised for medical treatment. Kerala still employs age-old Ayurvedic practises to fight and cure most of its ailments, despite medical progress. In the state, it’s also utilised to treat arthritis. In Kerala, Ayurveda is the oldest kind of medicine.

Kerala is located between the Arabian Sea (Lakshadweep Sea) to the west and the Western Ghats to the east, covering 38,863 km2 (1.18 percent of India’s area). Kerala’s shoreline stretches about 580 kilometres, while the state’s width varies from 35 to 120 kilometres. The majority of Kerala’s terrain is made up of pre-Cambrian and Pleistocene formations. The geography consists of a hot and humid coastal plain that progressively rises in height to the Western Ghats’ high hills and highlands. Kerala is located between 8°.17′.30″ N and 12°.47′.40″ N in northern latitude and 74°.27′.47″ E and 77°.37′.12″ E in eastern longitude. Kerala’s climate is predominantly wet and maritime tropical, with the monsoon’s seasonal heavy rains having a significant impact. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

How to reach Kerala ?

What is the best way to get to Kerala by air?

Kerala just became India’s first state to have four airports serving both domestic and international flights. Trivandrum, Cochin, Kozhikode, and Kannur are the airports. This makes flying into Kerala simple and convenient, regardless of where one is flying from in India or around the world. Because each airport is located in a different part of the state, you may easily choose the one that best matches your needs.

The oldest of the airports is Trivandrum International Airport, which is only 13.7 kilometres from the city centre. It’s also the southernmost airport, making it excellent for trips to the beaches of Varkala, Kovalam, and Shangumukham.

Hill stations such as Ponmudi, as well as the famed Kanyakumari excursion, are also accessible from here. The tip of the Indian peninsula is roughly 95 kilometres distant in Tamil Nadu, and taxis are waiting outside the airport to take you there for around INR 3000. Flights are available from all major cities, including Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and others. It also has access to other sections of the state. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

The busiest airport in Kerala, Cochin International Airport, is powered entirely by solar energy! This airport boasts plenty of direct and one-stop flights landing from all across the country, whether you’re coming from the traditional main cities or smaller ones like Jaipur, Pune, or Visakhapatnam. Arriving here gives you the opportunity to experience this fascinating cultural city as well as adjacent Kerala tourist attractions such as Kumarakom, Allepey, and Munnar. Call us for Kerala industrial visit

Karipur Airport is located in Kozikhode, a city once known as Calicut. There are two terminals, one for local flights and the other for international flights. You can get here from all of the major cities and see places like Beypore, Wayanad, Kadalundi Village, and Kappad Beach. Finally, the new Kannur Airport brings you closer to popular tourist attractions such as Thallasery, Bekal Fort, and Payyambalam Beach.

Regardless of the airport you land at, you will have a variety of ground transportation alternatives. Taxis (prepaid or not), public buses, and private automobiles for rent are all readily available.

What is the best way to get to Kerala via train?

Taking the train to Kerala is an incredible experience, with spectacular vistas of the beautiful coastline and Western Ghats throughout much of the ride. Rail travel also offers connectivity, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, especially with the state’s 200 operating stations. Trains go from all major Indian cities, as far as New Delhi and as close as Karnataka. They can also carry you practically anyplace, as the only districts without rail connections are Wayanad and Idukki. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

It’s the gorgeous Konkan train line that runs through Kerala, stopping at key cities like Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kottayam, and Ernakulam along the way. Kerala Express, Rajdhani, and Duronto are some of the most popular trains, with weekly departures.

If you’re searching for something a little more unique, consider a luxury train excursion like the Maharaja’s Express or the Golden Chariot, which provide pre-scheduled tours of South India’s greatest attractions. Aside from the breathtaking vistas and landmarks, you’ll be treated like royalty throughout the voyage.

How to Get to Kerala on the Road ?

A road trip to Kerala is well worth a spot on your bucket list if you want to see the same breathtaking coastline scenery and have no time constraints. The state is connected to the rest of the country by National Highways 17, 44, 47, and 49, as well as local highways and roads. From any major city in India, you can drive yourself or hire a car or taxi. New Delhi is around 2550 kilometres away, Mumbai is 1248 kilometres away, Goa is 834 kilometres away, Bengaluru is 461 kilometres away, and Chennai is 603 kilometres away. Write to us for Kerala Industrial visit

How to Get to Kerala from the Sea ?

Kerala can be reached by sea because it is a coastline state.

Its famous backwaters, in fact, run all the way to the Lakshadweep Islands!

Make unforgettable trip memories by taking a cruise ship from Kochi’s Cochin Port or Thiruvananthapuram’s Vizhinjam International Seaport.

Best Time to visit Manali

The high-quality time to go to Manali is all 12 months round. In summer, Manali offer refuge from the sweltering warmth of the plains, and in winter manali offers Adventure. However, the high-quality time to go to and revel in Manali`s aesthetic essence is the start of spring and summer i.e feb to April, and August to November.
Pleasant weather, blooming flowers, drizzling snow m Manali , in which you could revel in the unspoiled splendor of nature for a lifetime.
Manali’s vacationer season consists of iciness hikes for ski enthusiasts withinside the snowy Solang Valley. Take training from the specialists and revel in the costly splendor of skiing at the foot of Rohtang Pass, sledding withinside the Solang Valley or a gondola ride.


How to reach:

By Air: The easiest way to travel to Manali by Air is via Chandigarh. The nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport which operates frequent flights across the country.  

By Road: Best option to reach Manali is by very well-connected network of Buses. They connect to important tourist destinations like New Delhi, Shimla, Kullu, and Leh. 

By Rail: Another alternative is Joginder Nagar Railway Station which is nearest railway station to Spiti and is connected with several important cities of the country.

Travel to

Evergreen city of India

Kerala Industrial visit

Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s beautiful capital, is a charming jumble of modern and traditional set amid endless greenery. Officially, the city has been renamed Thiruvananthapuram, but its colonial-era name, Trivandrum, has stuck! Trivandrum encapsulates the essence of Kerala with its rolling hills, forest reserves, age-old temples, beaches, and backwaters.

Kerala’s capital, which is bounded on the west by the Arabian Sea, is distinguished by an undulating terrain of low coastal hills. Thiruvananthapuram, with its many temples and museums, exudes true elegance. It is also known colloquially as Trivandrum and is a major IT hub in India. This district is a popular tourist destination due to its long shoreline, internationally renowned beaches, historical monuments, backwater stretches, and rich cultural heritage.

Kerala Industrial visit

The choices are numerous, as are the beauties that await you in Kerala. Golden beaches, verdant backwaters, majestic mountain ranges, and powerful art forms are just a few of the options. Come and take home what they refer to as “memories,” the type that make life worthwhile.
Kerala hosts a plethora of events and festivals throughout the year, so keep track of what’s going on when and where to get the most out of your visit.

Kerala Industrial visit
Kerala Industrial visit

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) is the beautiful jewel in Kerala’s emerald necklace. Legend has it that Sage Parasurama wrested Kerala from Varuna the Sea God in order to create God’s own Land, Kerala. This land piqued the interest of many daring explorers, including Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo, Fa Hien, and many others who followed.

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Thiruvananthapuram Industrial Tour and Itinerary

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