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Three Day Goa Industrial Tour Itinerary

Day 1, Upon your landing in the Goa air terminal/rail route station, your 3 days Industrial tour to Goa has begun. Our representative helps you in smooth transfer to the lodging for a pre-booked stay. The First day of your Goa excursion will familiarize you with the rich Portuguese culture and legacy of this minuscule Indian state. There are a few remainders in Old Goa as exceptionally old church buildings like Basilica of Bom Jesus and Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. Goa is likewise known for its gigantic fortresses which were worked by Indian rulers and Portuguese states which got comfortable Goa in the fifteenth century. In addition, you can visit the renowned 'Post Aguada' whose significant segments have been changed over into a lavish lodging. Post touring, return to the inn for supper and night stay.

Day 2, Post a sumptuous Indian/English breakfast or an authentic Goan morning feast, it’s time For industrial Tour/visit , Goa has 23 industrial estates and has also emerged as a manufacturing base for several leading companies in areas such as fertilisers, tyres and tubes, cement, electrical machinery, fish-net making machines, automatic washing machines, printed circuit boards, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical machinery, after visit to two industries ,   visit the local markets where you can purchase traditional jewelry, handicrafts, and souvenirs or experience the nightlife of Goa in River Cruise in Mandovi river , Return to the Hotel Have Dinner and Night stay at the Hotel.

Day 3, On the 3rd day of your Goa Trip, you will head straight towards Goa Beach .The charm of Goa beaches lies in its beautiful beaches lined on the seashore and attracts a huge crowd of Indian and international tourists. Some popular beaches that you can visit include Anjuna, Baga, and Calangute.

  • Baga Beach: For water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing and paragliding, dolphin cruises and banana, bumper and boat rides
  • Calangute Beach: For swimming, yoga, long walks, sunbathing, surfing, catamaran sailing and water skiing
  • Anjuna Beach: For water sports, Ayurvedic massages, hair braids and temporary tattoos

These beaches will allow you to indulge in water sports such as Parasailing, scuba diving, and water skiing. The beach is home to shacks, resort complexes, tourist cottages, discos, and eateries. Have some fun and laze around as the day will mark the end of your Goa 3 day trip plan. You will be assisted in smooth transfer to the Goa airport/railway station to board flight/train for onwards journey.

Note : This is Just a Proposed itinerary and might change as per various reason like arrival and departure timing, industrial visit dates and timings etc

Goa has 23 industrial estates , Goa has also emerged as a manufacturing base for several leading companies in areas such as fertilisers, tyres and tubes, cement, electrical machinery, fish-net making machines, automatic washing machines, printed circuit boards, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical machinery. Cashew processing has also been a traditional industry in the state.

Goa is located in the western region of India. The state shares its border with the Arabian Sea to the west, Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the south and the east. It is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Goa has a coastline of about 104 kms and inland waterways of about 250 kms. The coast is full of creeks and estuaries formed by rivers.

List of Companies in Goa

  1. Highmark (India) Pvt.Ltd
  2. Kare Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  4. Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.
  5. Kodak India Limited
  6. Crompton Greaves Ltd.
  7. Lumena Home Products Pvt. Ltd. (Colgate)
  8. D-Link (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  9. MRF Ltd.
  10. Amitech Pipe Systems Pvt Ltd.
  11. Nestle India Ltd.
  12. E-Merck India Ltd.
  13. Phil Corporation of India Ltd.
  14. Essef Corporation Ltd.
  15. Colorcon Asia Pvt Ltd.
  16. Funskool India Ltd.
  17. Procter and Gamble India Ltd.
  18. Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  19. Sesa kombla Coke co.Ltd.
  20. Cadila Health care Ltd.
  21. London Star Diamond Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  22. Andrew Telecommuncation Ltd.
  23. Titan Time Products Ltd.
  24. Goa Bottling Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  25. United Accumulators Pvt. Ltd.
  26. Aparant Iron & Steel Co. Pvt Ltd.
  27. V. S. Dempo and Co. Ltd.
  28. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  29. V. M. Salgaocar and Co. Ltd.
  30. Goa Glass Fibre Ltd.Ltd.
  31. V. S. Chowgule and Co. Ltd.
  32. Berger Paints India Ltd.
  33. Vicco Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  34. Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.
  35. Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd.
  36. Indoco Remedies Ltd.
  37. IFB Ltd.
  38. Composite Graphics Ltd.
  39. Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
  40. Intergold (India) Ltd.
  41. Sander Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  42. GKB Op Ltd.
  43. Marpol Pvt. Ltd.
  44. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
  45. Lupin Ltd.
  46. Ratio Pharm India Pvt.Ltd.
  47. Wyeth Ltd.
  48. Cipla Ltd.
  49. Aventis Pharma Ltd.
  50. Micro Labs Ltd.
  51. FDC Ltd.
  52. Zenith Computers Pvt. Ltd.
  53. Meta Strips Ltd.
  54. Hindustam Coca Cola Bottles
  55. South- West Pvt. Ltd.
  56. Finolex Cables Ltd
  57. Pentair water India Pvt Ltd.
  58. Sandu pharmaceutical Ltd

The Portuguese colonial heritage and the diverse local population of Goa have cultivated a unique cultural landscape. The population is primarily a mixture of Christians and Hindus: the western coastland and estuaries are dotted with wayside crosses and Roman Catholic churches, while the hilly east is scattered with Hindu temples and shrines.

india, nature, goa-3882103.jpg
Old Goa, on the island of Goa, was once the hub of the region, but the city was decimated by war and disease in the 18th century; for the most part, only its ruins remain. Since the mid-20th century, however, efforts have been made to preserve Old Goa. Among the city’s most notable landmarks are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which enshrines the tomb of St. Francis Xavier, and the Se Cathedral, dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. Both were built in the 16th century, and, with several other churches of Goa, they were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986.

architecture, travel, sky-3187940.jpg
There are three principal cities in contemporary Goa: Panaji (Panjim), Marmagao (Mormugão), and Madgaon (Margão). Panaji was originally a suburb of Old Goa. Like its parent city, Panaji was built on the left bank of the Mandavi estuary. Now a busy port city, it contains the archbishop’s palace, the government house, and many markets.

beach, moonlight, seascape-20215.jpg
Since the late 20th century, government policies and concessions have promoted Goa’s rapid industrialization, particularly through the development of many industrial estates. Fertilizer, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron products, and processed sugar are among the leading large-scale industries. There also are medium- and small-scale industries, including traditional handicrafts. Goa’s manufactures are distributed both domestically and abroad.

How to get to Goa by plane

Goa is a true vacation paradise for most people. Goa's sea and beach charm beckons families and adventurers alike to make a festive pilgrimage to the land of sun and sand. And these are not just people from all over the country. Tourists from all over the world come to Goa to experience the place that introduced hippie culture to India in the 60s. If you are wondering how to get to Goa, it is well connected to the rest of Goa by almost all means of transportation. You can take regular flights, trains and even travel by car. If you want to enjoy your trip in Goa, you can sail there by boat. Here are a few ways to get to Goa. As with almost any other destination, this is the most convenient way to get to Goa. Daborim Goa Airport operates international flights in addition to regular domestic flights. It is about 26 km from Panaj. Terminal 1 serves all domestic flights to Goa from major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata and Indore. All Indian airlines have regular flights to Goa. After leaving the airport, you can rent a taxi or arrange a transfer to your destination. Now that you know how to get to Goa by plane, this is the best way to get to Goa.

How to get to Goa by road

If you want to know how to get to Goa by road, there are two main highways to get to Goa. If you are driving to Goa from Mumbai or Bangalore, you must take National Highway 4 (NH 4). This is the preferred route to spacious and well-maintained Goa. Another route is NH 17, the shortest route in Mangalore. A trip to Goa is a scenic route that really blooms during the rainy season. If you don't drive but still want to enjoy driving around Goa, take a bus from Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore. Karnataka State Trucking Corporation (KSRTC) and Maharashtra State Trucking Corporation (MSRTC) run regular buses to Goa.

How to get to Goa by train

This is another convenient and convenient way to get to Goa. There are two main stations in Goa: Madgaon and Vaskoda Gama. You can take the Nizamuddin Goa Express from Delhi and the Matsyaganda and Konkan Kanya Express trains from Mumbai to Madgaon. In addition to this, Goa has extensive rail links with the rest of the country. The Goa Rail Route is a comfortable journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Western Ghats. Whichever method you choose, your vacation in Goa will be an unforgettable one. Choose one of our SOTC Goa vacation packages and take the vacation of your dreams.

How to get to Goa by sea

This is not the most popular way to get to Goa. If you're wondering how to get to Goa by sea, don't be surprised. You can now take a cruise from Mumbai to Panaji on a comfortable journey along the coast of Maharashtra and Goa. So, if you want to travel Goa by sea, go to Mumbai. This is definitely one of the most unique ways to travel in Goa.


March to May
: This is the season when the temperature rises, the sea becomes rough, and the weather becomes hot and humid. for best deals this is ideal time to visit Goa in group. However, if you want to visit Goa for a three-day break with your loved one, the prices for hotels and home accommodations are just too reasonable. We seek peace and stability.

Mid-June to October: From mid-June to October, it rains in beautiful Goa. There are parties all over Goa to welcome the rain. July-September is a good time to visit if you like the lush green countryside where the rainy season and the rain gods transformed orphans. One of the reasons to visit Goa during the rainy season is also related to the Saojoao (Feast of St. John the Baptist) festival held at the end of June. It's an exciting event where men jump into crowded wells to get a local drink called a penny. Hotel bargains are good this season.

Mid-November to mid-February: The best months to visit Goa, as the weather is cool and pleasant. This is the perfect time to relax on the beach among other tourists who spend most of their three months in Goa. December is the time to witness one of Goa's most popular festivals, Sunburn, and draws hundreds of visitors from all over the world in addition to the extensive celebrations of Christmas and New Year. It is recommended to book a hotel in advance because it is high season and the accommodation cost is much higher than expected.

Industrial visit to Goa


where forests meets the sea

Goa – the name is enough is to fill you with fervor and elation and welcome grin all over. With strange gloamings, awesome idealism, rousing mornings and interesting strands, the spot spellbinds each spirit and makes individuals get bulldozed. Various citations have been expounded on various cities of India. All things considered, you would scarcely run over explicit Goa citations as creators should have plant it sensitive to place Goa in words. Each time you visit this place where there is strands, it’ll make your sentiments more grounded. Thus, at whatever point somebody says, ” Let’s Go Goa” – you feel an unrivaled delight. These delightful concentrates on outing can be wonderful Goa Quotations and may rouse you to visit this spot once more.

Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India, the 25th state of the Union states of India, was liberated from Portuguese rule in 1961. It was a part of Union Territory of Goa, Daman & Diu till 30th May 1987 when it was carved out of form a separate state. Goa covers an area of 3702 square kilometers and comprises two Revenue district viz North Goa and South Goa. Boundaries of Goa State are defined in the North Terekhol river which separates it from Maharashtra, in the East and South by Karnataka State and West by Arabian Sea. Goa lies in Western Coast of India and is 594 Km (by road) away from Mumbai city.


Exotic beaches, palm-fringed coastline, beautiful scenery, vibrant nightlife, peace and tranquility – a vacation in Goa is just for you!

Think of Goa, and the secluded shores of the shimmering sand and azure waters and the shimmering sun in the background. Lush green landscapes form a golden coastline overlooking the sparkling waters of India’s seaside capital. Although Goa is the smallest state in the country, it is also one of the largest tourist destinations in the country.


Goa is its constant insomnia, and on the other side is its laid-back old-world charm brought to you by the Portuguese in the 17th century. Churches, bungalows and cafes will thrill you, if not as much as a refreshing drink on the beach. Old Goa is charming and always enticing. With many beaches overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, Goa is sure to make you fall in love. orphan orphan!

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