Velankani Industrial Visit

Velankani going students can have their industrial tour at Thanjavur; Thanjavur’s economy is mainly agro-based. The main industrial attractions of Thanjavur are Sugar factories, Dairy Plant, Modern Rice Mills, Textile Spinning Mills, manufacturing of musical instruments, Subsidiary unit of BHEL etc.

Velankanni is one of the most visited pilgrim centers in India. It is a town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, fourteen kilometers from Nagapattinam. This renowned Basilica of Our Lady of Health draws pilgrims from all over the world. Not only Christians but also the people of other faiths come to this church to pray at the shrine of “Our Lady of Health.’’

This Basilica has been extended at the back of the original church and it has now two floors, where services are held every day. The Gothic style of architecture is a unique feature of the Church. The church itself is an imposing building with inspiring architecture.

The Museum situated opposite to the Basilica has a very rich variety of exhibits that tell of the numerous miracles that have taken place, after praying in this church. The precious offerings made by the devotees are on display here. Biblical incidents are depicted on both sidewalls.

Sights to See

This is a historic town. It was to this town that C. Rajagopalachari led the Salt March (Namak Yatra) in the south India, while Gandhiji was leading the March to Dandi in Gujarat in March 1930. A destination of tourist attraction is Vedaranyam, which is also known as Thirumaraikkadu. It is situated 55 km from Nagapattinam. Shri Vedaranyeswarar Temple in this seaside town has some striking features. This large temple consists of Mahamandapam, long corridors, and the beautiful Rajagopuram and is surrounded tall compound walls.




Industries Nearby

  • Thanjavur District Co-operative Spinning Mill
  • KR Ramaswamy Cooperative Sugar Mill

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Kodikkarai (Pt. Calimere)
Situated 66 km from Nagapattinam and 11 km south of Vedaranyam, this seaside town Kodikkarai has many wonders for its visitors. Popularly known as Point Calimere, it has wild life sanctuary for animals and Bivats sanctuary for migrating birds. This area was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1967. There are more than 2000 blue bucks and spotted deer in this sanctuary.

Thirunallar Among the nine Navagraha places, Thirunallar is the seat of Lord Saneeswara Bhagawan. It is located 5 km west of Karaikkal on the route Kumbakonam within the limits of Pondicherry state.

How would you like to travel?

Nearest Airport is at Trichirappalli (165 Km)
Nearest Railway Station is Nagapattinam (12 Km), Connected to all major cities in South India viz., Chennai, Tiruchirappali, Thanjavur and Kollam.

Connected to all major towns and cities. Regular bus services available to Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirappali, Kanyakumari, Thanjavur, Puducherry etc

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