Tiruchirapalli Industrial Visit

Tiruchirappalli is one of the recommended industrial tour destination, Tiruchirappalli is a major engineering equipment manufacturing hub in Tamil Nadu. The main industrial attraction of Tiruchirappalli are Railways Golden Rock Locomotive Workshops, BHEL, Trichy Distilleries and Chemicals Limited, Trichy Steel Rolling Mills, Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, TVS, India bus body building unit, Cethar Vessels, MM Forgings etc. One of the interesting cottage industry that you can visit is Traditional cigar making industries.

Situated on the banks of the river Cauvery, Tiruchirappalli, popularly known as Trichy, has antiquity of centuries. During the Christian era, the place was a bastion of the Chola power. After that it came under the control of the Pallavas who ceded it the Pandyas. Trichy again became part of the Chola Empire in the 10th century AD.

Today, Trichy is a fine blend of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. Apart from the fort, there are several churches colleges and missions dating back to the 1760s. With its excellent infrastructure facilities, Trichy will serve as a good base to see central Tamil Nadu.

Sights to See

Rock Fort
Trichy’s most famous landmark is an 83m high rock, which is the only outcrop in the otherwise flat land of the city. Atop of the rock is the Ucchi Pillayar Koil, a temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka, from where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Trichy. A flight of steps leads to the Mathrubutheswarar or Thayumanaswami temple dedicated to Lord Siva where the lingam is a projection of the rock itself. Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple has a 100-pillar hall and a Vimana covered with gold. On the southern face of the rock are several beautifully carved rock-cut cave temples of the Pallava period.

The temple here has a Siva lingam almost submerged in water, which flows from a subterranean spring in the sanctum sanctorum. The Lord’s name Jambukeswarar is derived from a legend that an elephant once worshipped Him under the holy Jambu tree.

St. Lourdes Church
Built in 1812, this church has levered doors, which when opened, turns the church into an airy pavilion. Its excellent setting and marvellous architecture, makes it a site worth visiting. It is in the heart of the Trichy city, surrounded by commercial markets.

Hazrath Nathervali
Known for its marvellous architecture, the dome is made up of shining marbles giving a great look to the Durga. It is also situated in the heart of Trichy City.

The most important pilgrim center in the district is located in an island just 5kms from Trichy. Srirangam, surrounded by the waters of the Cauvery on one side and its tributary Kollidam on the other, is a 600-acre island-town enclosed within the seven walls of the gigantic Sri Ranganatha Temple. There are not less than 22 gopurams, one of which is the tallest in India. The 72m high 13-tiered Rajagopuram was built in 1987 and dominates the landscape for miles around, while the remaining 21 gopurams were built between the 14th and 17th centuries.

Tiruvanaikkaval or Jambukeswara Temple
Situated 2 kms east of Srirangam, this beautiful Siva temple steals the show from the larger Ranganathaswami temple due to its excellent architectural design. The temple is named after the elephant, which is believed to have worshipped Lord Siva here. Installed under an ancient Jambu tree, the lingam is partially submerged by water and meant to represent God incarnate as Water.

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  • BHEL
  • Trichy Steel Rolling Mills
  • Golden Rock Locomotive Workshops
  • Trichy Distilleries and Chemicals Limited

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Gangaikondancholapuram ((100 km)
The Brahadeeswarar temple here was conceived and constructed by the Chola King Rajendra -I after his victory over the kingdoms in the region of the river Ganges. Apart from the huge Nandi, there are some beautiful sculptures including a dancing Lord Ganesha, a lion-headed well and a stunning piece depicting Rajendra being crowned by Siva and Parvati. The temple, along with the one at Darasuram has been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Grand Anicut (Kallanai) (24 km)
An irrigation dam built across the Cauvery by Karikala Chola in the second Century AD and strengthened by the British.

Mukkombu (Upper Anicut) (18 km)
The River Kollidam branches off from the Cauvery here. This is another picnic spot with lush greenery and a park.

Vayaloor (8 km)
The place attracts visitors for its Lord Muruga Temple set amidst lush green vegetation.

Samayapuram: (20 km)
Located on the National Highway 45, the place is famous for its shrine to Goddess Mariamman. 

Viralimalai (30 km)
The temple of Lord Subramanya is situated on a hillock. There is also a peacock sanctuary.

Sittanavasal (58 km)
This is the site of an ancient Jain monastery with fine fresco paintings in a rock cave. It is also noted for its pre-historic burial grounds.

Puliancholai (72 km)
This is a beautiful picnic spot in the foothills of the Kolli hills.

Kodumbalur (42 km)
It is also known as Moovarkoil. Of the three shrines of Moovarkoil, only two exist now. These temples were built by Boodhi Vikramakesari in the 10th Century AD. The sculptures of Kalarimurthi, Gajhasamharamurthi, Ardhanariswara, Gangadaramurthi, etc. are masterpieces of art. Nearby is the Muchukundeswarar temple of the early Chola period.

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Trichy’s airport is connected by flights with major cities in India.
Trichy is a major a major junction connecting several important cities in India.
Trichy is connected by good motorable roads to all places in South India.
Trichy is:
  • 337 km from Bangalore
  • 316 km from Chennai
  • 143 km from Thrissur
  • 469 km from Thiruvananthapuram
  • 316 km from Thrissur
  • 270 km from Vellore