Smile Contest

This contest can be an ice breaker in the monotonous college routine; more over smile is contagious and can bring in the positive energy. I personally recommend this activity as Team Building activity as most of the participant will end up appreciating each other, for something they think they possess. Begin this activity by identifying smile categories; you can google to find out different types of smile. A few possibilities that I googled include

  • Sweetest Smile
  • Slow and steady smile
  • Widest smile
  • I am in love Smile
  • Most Beautiful Smile
  • Happy Smile
  • Thoughtful Smile
  • Funny Smile
  • Bonafide Smile
  • I know it all smile
  • I am the Boss Smile
  • Satisfied Smile
  • Contented Smile
  • Proud Smile
  • Sexy smile
  • Guilty smile
  • Not so confident smile
  • Take the Picture smile
  • I am Listening Smile
  • Confident Smile
  • most often seen smile


funny smile

I am the Boss Smile


You can use your imagination, to add, subtract or modify smile categories, once you have decided about the smile categories, now it’s the time to unleash the Smile Hunters (A Team of Students With camera), how the smile hunters captures the smile is again a matter of innovative thinking, there are numerous ways by which you can do that.

1. Magic box.  Construct a “magic box” which can be any kind of a box with a mirror placed to reflect the face of anyone who looks inside. Begin the activity by asking the group, “Who do you think is the most special person in the whole world?” After allowing the Student to respond individually, continue: “I have a magic box with me today, and each of you will have a chance to look inside and discover the most important person in the world.”

Give each student a chance to look into the box after you ask them who they think they will see. Some student may have to be coaxed, because they may not believe what they see. Be ready with some of the following comments:

“Are you surprised?”

And put the smile hunters to harvest the smile as it appears with every participants.

2. give a lecture on how beauty perishes with the age, and the traits that one should look in prospective future partner  and then ask each students what are the traits that they look in for their life partners , they will give you some, then based on their preferences tell them they will receive a mail with the picture, we recommend a ppt movie with the last frame showcasing the picture of a smiling ape picture as prospective partner, this will bring in the smile for smile Hunters to click on to.

There can be numerous methods by which you can bring in the smile and click, just make sure that they smile naturally in a casual environment.

Once the smiles are captured, bring in the team to categorize the smiles, and with a projector and dramatic commentary {you can compare the smile of the participants with the smile of any movie star with a picture} you can award the winners, make it sure that everyone falls in one or another category and wins.

This activity needs Team effort, research, innovation and the ability to keep smiling.