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Saputara going students can choose Nashik , Navsari or Bilimora for their industrial visit, both are of equivalent distance but towards different direction. Kindly refer Nashik Industrial Visit for industrial visit in Nashik.
Textiles, diamond business, sugar industry, agro & food processing, paper, engineering and chemicals are some of the key business sectors in Navsari. Best Roses has pioneered 6 hectare greenhouse project in the district which is the largest export oriented floriculture project in the State. The Company exports to countries such as, Japan, Germany and UK, etc.Other large players such as Gufic Biosciences Ltd., Tata Steel Ltd., and Mafatlal Industries are present in the district.
Bilimora used to be a called the Manchester of GujaratEven today some companies working there are the best in the marketLMP has restarted the work of manufacturing pumps, and around 5000 people work for Ace Engineering. The Bipico Pvt Ltd company is number 2 in India, manufacturing hexo blades

Nestled at an elevation of 873 m among the verdant hills of the Sahyadri range, Saputara is the Gujarat’s premier hill station, a beguiling amalgam of beautiful hotels, parks, swimming pool, boat club, theatres and a museum.

A place to head to to escape the sweltering heat of the coastal plains due to cool climate, Saputara is home to an awe-inspiring landscape that is a feast for one’s eyes. You can also use this place as the leaping off point for exploring the wildlife sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipura forest and the inviting spot of Gira Waterfalls that are 60 km and 52 km away from this picturesque hill station in the Dang district of South Gujarat.

Sights to See

Artist Village
The Gandharvapur Artist Village is one of the most important places to visit, while in Saputara. The artisans here make beautiful pieces of pottery, jewellery, vases, and paintings made from bamboo chips and other locally found material. Visitors can buy some fines objects as souvenirs and gift items from this centre.

Lake and Boat Club
Right in the heart of the valley, the extremely calm Saputara Lake with serene atmosphere, blue expanse of water has remained an all-time favourite with the visitors. The Boat Club near the lake offers facilities for boating. 

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
On the southern banks of the Saputara Lake, the shrine of Nageshwar Mahadev, originally a snake temple, is an added attraction for the visitors. A swayambhu idol of Lord Shiva is worshipped by the devotees here. 

Ritambhara Vishwa Vidyapith
A social organisation located in Saputara is a sanctuary of peace and serenity for tribal children of Dang.


One of prime attractions of Saputara, the Ropeway is used by the visitors to reach the Sunrise and Sunset Point.

Saputara Tribal Museum
This is a small museum dealing exclusively with the culture of the tribal people of Dang and is an invaluable introduction to the indigenous peoples of Gujarat. If you’re interested in the native cultures of Gujarat, this museum should be your very first stop in the state. On display are the lifestyle, ornaments and musical instruments of the tribes.

Valley View Point, Echo Point, Honey Centre, Ambika Darshan, Lake garden, Step garden and Rose garden are other places of interest in Saputara.



  • LMP
  • Best Roses
  • Vanil Udyog
  • Mafatlal Industries

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Waghai (49 km): 
A scenic drive from Saputara takes one to the town of Waghai, around which many delightful tourist spots are situated. Waghai is a railhead on the Billimora-Waghai narrow gauge section of the Western Railway. Direct buses are available from Billimora. Some of the highlights of this circuit are: (a) Gira Falls- 3 km from Waghai town, it is a 30 m natural drop into the Ambica river (b) Botanical Garden (c) Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Springs (d) Vanil Udyog (e) Vansada National Park: 4 km from Waghai, 28 km from Ahwa, 40 km from Billimora & 60 km from Saputara. Originally, a private forest of Maharaja of Vansada, the park now covers an area of 24 sq km. Despite its small size the park harbours tiger, leopard, pangolin, rusty-spotted cat, python, giant squirrel, four horned antelope etc.

Mahal (60 km):
The Mahal Region is approached by a longish drive passing through the most beautiful parts of the Dangs with high wooded slopes of bamboo and several rivers. The main attractions of this region are Purna Sanctuary and Gira Falls.

Tithal (130 km):
Tithal is a beautiful sandy beach with tall shady palms lining the entire beach. The sea here is placid, making summer the most pleasant time to visit. Tithal is 195 km from Mumbai, 66 km from Navsari, 108 km from Surat and 5 Km from Valsad.

How would you like to travel?

The nearest convenient airport is Mumbai.
The convenient railheads are Nasik (80 km) and Billimora (112 km). However, the nearest railhead is Waghai (57 km).
Saputara is connected by good motorable roads to all major places in India.
Saputara is:
  • 440 km from Ahmedabad
  • 250 km from Aurangabad
  • 589 km from Bhavnagar
  • 275 km from Pune
  • 164 km from Surat
  • 603 km from Rajkot

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