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Visit to Mahatma’s Town will be interesting experience, Porbandar is a base for Cement, Chemicals, Metallurgical, Ports & Ship building and Fishing industries. Presence of large reserves of important minerals like limestone, chalk and bauxite in the district has given rise to several mineral-based and cement industries. Companies such as Saurashtra Cement Ltd., Birla VXL Ltd., etc have set up their manufacturing facilities in Porbandar. Fishing industry is a prominent activity in Porbandar with Silver Sea Foods emerging as one of the major sea food processing companies in the district.

A picturesque little seaside resort on the west coast of Gujarat, Porbandar is dominated by the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, who was born here in 1869. A famous trade centre inhabited by rich merchants and traders from Africa and the Gulf in the beginning of the Christian era, the town and its surroundings offer whole lot of attractions to a discerning tourist. Also known as Sudamapuri in ancient times, after Sudama, the devoted friend of Lord Krishna, the place is dotted with several religious shrines. The picturesque coastal setting, lovely mangroves abounding in avian population and carefree days go a long way in making Porbandar an enticing destination.

Sights to See

Kirti Mandir
This memorial to Gandhi was built within the precincts of an old house where Mahatma Gandhi was born. You can visit a small bookshop and photographic exhibition. 

Arya Kanya Gurukul
Spread amidst sylvan surroundings, the Arya Kanya Gurukul is an educational institution for girls dedicated to female education in modern India. The institution imparts modern educational systems with an emphasis on science and technology with a blend of rich ancient Vedic heritage.

Bharat Mandir 
One of the major attractions of Porbandar, the shrine houses a large map of India engraved on marble. 

Attracting visitors in large renumber, the planetarium in Porbandar offers regular shows on astronomy related subjects both in Gujarati and Hindi. 

Sudama Mandir 
A place of religious importance, the temple dedicated to Sudama, the devoted friend of Lord Krishna, is visited by devotees.



  • Birla VXL Ltd
  • Saurashtra Cement Ltd.

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Barda Lion Sanctuary (14 km)
Occupying an area of 200 sq km, this sanctuary is inhabited by the lion, wild boar, panther, spotted deer, sambar, neelgai and monkeys.  The best season to visit this famous wildlife destination is between November and March.

Khambalia Hills and Palace (24 km)
Permission to visit the palace may be obtained from the Secretary, Maharana of Porbandar.

Mul-Dwarka (28 km) 
This place is associated with Lord Krishna who is believed to have spent some part of his life here. 

Bhuleshwar (35 km)
This temple is partly in ruins. A fair is held here on the last day of Sravana month every year when thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine. 

Harshad Mata Temple (38 m)
Dedicated to Har Siddhi Mata, the temple is situated at Marine, an ancient port on a creek. 

Madhavpur Temple (64 km)
This is a very sacred place. Legend has it that Lord Krishna’s marriage was solemnized here.  The Madhavrai fair is held every year, on the 9th day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra (Mar/Apr) to commemorate the event.

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Porbandar is connected by flights with different cities in India
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Porbandar is connected by good motorable roads with different places and cities in India.
Porbandar is:

  • 394 km from Ahmedabad
  • 300 km from Bhavnagar
  • 107 km from Junagadh
  • 178 km from Rajkot
  • 118 km from Somnath

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