Palamau Tiger Reserve Industrial Visit

Palamau Tiger Reserve going students can have their industrial visit at Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd at Palamu District, Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd. is a profit making, joint venture Company of versatile Aditya Birla Group, which holds an equity of 25 % It was incorporated in the year 1976 and subsequently the factory was commenced in extremely backward district Palamau in the state of Jharkhand .

A premier destination for a rendezvous with the wild in Jharkhand, Palamau National Park is an undisputed highlight of any trip to the state. Located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau and one of the earliest Tiger projects in India, the entire Palamau Sanctuary occupies an area of about 1026 sq km, while the core area of 232 sq km was designated as Betla National Park in 1989.

The sanctuary which is home to large number of varieties of flora and fauna in the beautiful forests is rich in biodiversity and is indeed a wonderful place to unwind with nature by your side.

Sights to See

Palamau Tiger Reserve is home to a wide variety of flora including stately Sal in the valleys and lower slopes and with dry deciduous forests on the upper slopes and on the mound caps in the northern part. Copious bamboo and scattered open grassy patches are common. Almost pure patches of Bel (Aegle marmelos) are unique vegetation types mostly found in the northern part of the reserve.


Tiger is the signature animal of Palamau Sanctuary.You can also spot in Palamau Tiger Reserve a good variety of species including Tiger, Leopard, Cheetal, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wolf, Wild Dog, Elephant, Mouse Deer, Pangolin, Four horned Antelope and Indian Ratel.

Some 140 species of avian population have been have been spotted. Important ones are peafowl, red jungle fowl and partridges.

How would you like to travel?

Nearest Airport Ranchi, situated around 170 km away, is connected by regular flights with different cites and places in India.
The nearest important railway station is Daltonganj, connected to several places and cities in India.
The place is well connected to other cities in the region by regular buses run by the state transport corporation and private companies.
Palamau Tiger Reserve is:
  • 170 km west from Ranchi
  • 25 km form Daltonganj
  • 70 km from Latehar
  • 384 km from Patna
  • 190 km from Hazaribagh
  • 211 km from Netarhat



Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Lodh Falls 
60kms from Netarhat, Lodh Falls is the highest waterfall of Jharkhand where water cascades down from a height of 320 feet. Also known as Burhaghaugh Falls, it is located on the Burha River.

Tatapani Hot Waterfall
This waterfall is about 18 km far from Barwadih railway station. Its water is hot. 

Artisan well
This well is situated about 15 km far from Daltonganj near Rajhara Coal Mines in Parwa village. Bangal Coal Company built this well in 1943. Its diameter is 5″. Water always flows from this well (better say tube well). The villagers use this water for drinking and watering. The rest water falls into the Sadawah River.

Kanti Water Fall
It is situated about 23 km far from Latehar in east direction in Amjharia Plateau. This is also very beautiful picnic spot but you have to go on foot about two km from the main road.

Tatha River
It is situated about 15 km northwest side of Latehar surrounded by forests and mountains. Vehicles facility is not available due to lack of road. The water of this river remains hot all the year. Its beautiful scenery has not been affected with time.

Fort of Palamau
This fort is situated at the meeting point of Auranga and Koyal River. Raja Mansingh had started the construction of this fort and Raja Modini Ray has done final construction. Kund Water Fall
This fall is situated near Ghaghra village of Husainabad block. Waters fall here from a height of 39 feet. 

It is situated about 3 km far from Daltonganj-Betla road. This is a very beautiful tourist place to enjoy holiday.

Mirchaiya Water Fall
This is situated about 03 km from Garu block. Its height is about 100 ft. Its water is like the distilled water.

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