Nageshwar going students can choose Okha or Mithapur for their Industrial visit. Okha port is worth visiting, Okha also houses the first manufacturing plant by Hindustan motors. Mithapur has Tata chemicals Ltd plant. Other interesting sights include the refineries at Jamnagar.  Jamnagar ‘Oil City of India’ which has the world’s biggest oil refinery belonging to Reliance Industries and a smaller one belonging to Essar Oil are located in Jamnagar. the world-class Reliance Industries oil refinery at Jamnagar output 1.2 million US gallons (4,500 m3) of petroleum, or 5% of the world’s capacity. It was earlier known as ‘Brass City’, the city housing large scale and small scale units manufacturing brass items. The city has an All weather Intermediate Sea port, due to proximity to the Gulf countries gives Jamnagar a status of most favored Port among the exporters & Importers.

Apart from Somnath, Nageshwar is another jyothirlinga in the western state of Gujarat. Located near Dwarka, on the way Bet-Dwaraka, this sacred shrine is believed to be known as ‘Darukavana’, an ancient epic name of a forest in India. One of the seven sacred cities or ‘Sapta Puris’ as well as one of the four ‘dhams’ – supreme pilgrim centers, Dwarka was once the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.

A land of myth and legends, coveted since antiquity for its spirituality. A 25 meter Shiva idol is also enshrined in the temple complex. A large garden with a pond adds charm to this rather serene place. Some archaeological excavations claim five earlier cities at the site.

Sights to See

Legend has it that a demon couple named Daruka and Daruki were extremely cruel. Once Daruka, himself a Shiva devotees, captured a great Shiva devotee called Supriya, a merchant who was sailing with his goods.

Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a jyothirlinga from the earth to save Supriya. The linga here thus came to be revered.


Rukmani Mandir 
Dedicated to Rukmani was the wife of the Lord Krishna, the temple is 1600 year old and is a lonely shrine.

Bet Dwarka 
The Shankhoddar Island known as Bet-Dwarka or Dwarika isle or Ramandip, this island is supposed to be the place where Lord Krishna and his family lived. Dwarika isle is also believed to be the spot where Lord Vishnu slew the demon Shankasura. It is 5 Km. by sea from Okha. There are regular ferry services from Okha Port to Bet Dwarka. The temple of Ranchhodrai stands on the island, as does the Matsyavatar Temple.

For the history lovers, the place is a great draw and is identified with Kankavati, the seat of the Maitrak power in the fifth century AD. Vasai is home to a sun temple and other ancient ruins.


Industries Nearby

  • Tata chemicals Ltd
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries
Harshad Mata Temple 

The temple is situated at bottom of Koyla Hill. Harsidhi Matatji is also known as Ambica Mataji and Kalki Mataji. The local people call her Harshad Mata.

Gopi Talav Teerth 
A place of religious importance it draws spiritual seekers. It is located near the island and further ahead lays Dwarikavan or forest of Dwarka.

There is an ancient Purvasa Ashram and a Sun Temple.

Lord Krishna and Rukshmaniji married here, which is 60 KMS from Porbandar. A large fair is held here in March – April. Dehotsarg, at Treveni Ghat is believed to be the site of Lord Krishna’s mortal incarnation’s cremation.

How would you like to travel?

Jamnagar is the nearest airport linked with major cities of India.
Dwarka is a railhead on the Western Railway, directly connected with Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Mumbai, Porbandar and Rajkot.
Motorable roads connect Dwarka with major cities and places in Gujarat.
Nageshwar is:
  • 450 Km from Ahmedabad
  • 399 Km from Bhavnagar
  • 148 Km from Jamnagar
  • 332 Km from Junagadh
  • 929 Km from Mumbai
  • 32 Km from Okha
  • 120 Km from Porbandar
  • 234 Km from Rajkot
  • 249 Km from Somnath
  • 243 Km from Veraval

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