Madurai Industrial Visit

Industrial visit to the third largest cities of Tamilnadu i.e. Madurai will be a learning experience, Madurai is home to various large and medium scale industries involved in the production of Rubber products, Textile, IT services, Automobile ,granite products etc , the major players in the region includes TVS Srichakra (tyre manufacturing), Sundaram Industries (Rubber Division, Coach division), Fenner India, Hi-Tech Arai Ltd ,Lanxess India, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt. Ltd , ZF electronics tvs (india) private limited , HCL, Satyam ,Sutherland Global Services. Thiagarajar Mills, Kasim Textile Mills, Sundaram Textiles, Weaves India etc

The oldest existing city in the Indian peninsula and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Madurai is richly steeped in cultural heritage. The city, earlier known as Madhurapuri, grew around a huge temple built by Pandian King Kulasekhara 2,500 years ago.

Madurai became famous during the Sangam period through the third and last conglomeration of Tamil scholars, which existed for more than 100 years. The city was the magnificent capital of Pandya kings and visited by travellers such as Megasthenes (302 BC), Pliny (77 AD), Ptolemy (140 AD), Marco Polo (1203 AD) and Ibu Batuta (1333 AD). Today, Madurai is synonymous with the awe-inspiring Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Temple

Sights to See

Sri Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Temple
Synonymous with Madurai is the Meenakshi- Sundareswarar twin temple, the pivot around which the city has evolved. A superb example of Dravidian architecture and sculpture, the temple has two sanctora, one dedicated to Shiva as Sundareswarar and the other to his consort Meenakshi. This is one of the largest temple complexes in the country. The temple grew with the contribution of each dynasty and victorious monarchs into an enormous complex extending over an area of 65,000 sq m. It was substantially expanded during the reign of Tirumalai Nayak (1623-55 AD). Of the five Gopurams (gateways) which surround the temple, the southern Gopuram is the tallest (48.8 m). On these Gopurams, painted in vivid colours, are sculpted stories from Indian mythology. Of the many pieces of culpture in the temple, the most striking is that of the divine marriage of goddess Meenakshi with Sundareswarar. The highlight of the temple is the ‘Hall of Thousand Pillars’. The hall
has 985 pillars with a number of ornate and bold sculptures. Viewed from any angle, these pillars appear to be in a straight line, an architectural marvel indeed.

In the outermost corridor is situated the matchless musical pillars carved out of stones; when tapped, they produce different musical notes. The museum of icons, photographs and illustrations in this hall is of great interest. The temple is usually open from 0500 hrs to 1230 hrs and 1600 hrs to 2130 hrs. Photography is allowed up to sanctum sanctorum.

Gandhi Museum
It is housed in a 300-year-old palace dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and contains paintings, sculptures, a section on Khadi and Village Industries and South Indian handicrafts. Timings: 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs & 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs. Open on all days.

Government Museum
The museum is located in the same complex as the Gandhi Museum. Timings: 0900 to 1300 hrs and 1400 to 1700 hrs. Closed on Fridays and the second Saturday of every month.

Koodal Azhagar Temple
To the west of the city lies the ancient Vaishnavite temple with beautiful sculptures. Here Vishnu is depicted in three poses, one above the other – sitting (asana), standing sthanaka) and reclining (sayana). Tel: 0452 2338542

The temple is one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga. Its innermost shrine is cut out of solid rock. Kochadai Village Deity Temple: The deity of the village temple is Ayyanar.

Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakkulam
This is a huge temple tank measuring 304.8 m, on each side with a mandapam in the centre. It is fed by water from the Vaigai River through an ingenious system of underground channels. The tank has a ‘mandapam’ at the centre enshrining Lord Ganesha. During the Float Festival (Jan- Feb), commemorating the birth of King Tirumalai Nayak, pilgrims gather here in large numbers. The temple deities are taken out in decorated floats in the tank.

Thirumalai Nayak Palace
Located 2 km from Periyar bus terminus and 1.5 km from the Meenakshi-Sundareswarar temple. This monumental palace was built in 1636 AD by the ruler by King Tirumalai Nayak, one of the leading kings of the Nayak dynasty which ruled Madurai. The building, which we see today, is the main palace where the king lived. The original palace complex was four times larger. The palace complex consisted of mainly two parts. The imposing edifice is famous for the ‘stucco work’ on its domes and impressive arches. The ‘Sorgavilasam’ (celestial pavilion) constructed entirely of brick and mortar without the support of a singlerafter or girder, is a marvel of Indo-Saracenic architectural style. There is a museum in the palace building, which has sections dealing with the history of Madurai and the art and architecture of Tamil Nadu.Entry: 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs and 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs. Tel: 0452 2338992. Entry Fee for foreigners: Rs 50; Indians: Rs 10. The sound and light show organised by Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu, in the palace depicts the story of ‘Silappathikaram’ and the life of Tirumalai Nayak.

How would you like to travel?

The city’s airport is connected by flights from major cities like Chennai and Mumbai.
Madurai is a major railway junction connecting several important cities in India.
Madurai is connected by good motorable roads to all places in South India.
Madurai is:
  • 235 km from Kanyakumari
  • 120 km from Kodaikanal
  • 444 km from Chennai
  • 172 km from Rameswaram
  • 154 km from Tirunelveli



  • Sundaram Industries
  • TVS Srichakra limited
  • Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt. Ltd
  • ZF Electronics TVS (INDIA) Private Limited

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Alagar Koil Temple: This Vishnu temple is located 21 km northwest of Madurai, on a picturesque wooded hill. Here Vishnu presides as Meenakshi’s brother, Azhagar. During the Chithirai festival in April-May, when the celestial marriage of Meenakshi to Sundareswarar is celebrated, Azhagar proceeds to Madurai. A gold processional icon called Azhagar is carried by devotees from Azhagar Koil to Madurai for the wedding ritual.

Pazhamuthir Cholai: One of the six abodes of Lord Muruga is on the Alagar Koil hill about 4 km from Alagar Koil. A natural spring called Noopura Gangai offers pilgrims bathing facilities near the temple.

Athisayam Theme Park: A water theme park situated on the Madurai-Dinidigul Road at Paravai, a matter of 15 km from Madurai. Entrance Fee: Rs 300 for adults and Rs 200 for children. Tel: 0452 2463848-51

Tirumogur Temple (20 km):The main deity of this temple is Kalamega Perumal and Sembagavalli. Sudarshana Chakram is also a powerful deity of the temple.

Thiruvathavur (25 km): The presiding deities of this temple are Shiva and Parvati. This is the birthplace of the Saivaite saint Manickavasagar.

Vaigai Dam (69 km): This is a popular picnic spot. Gardens on the side of the dam contrast with the rugged terrain of the mountains. On Sundays the dam is illuminated.

Kodaikanal (120 km): A hill station located 2,130 m above sea level with wooded hills, pleasant walks, picturesque waterfalls and a magnificent lake, is ideal for trekking. A beautiful 18-hole golf course is also located here. The tourist officer, Kodaikanal and the warden, Youth Hostel, Coakers Walk, Kodaikanal, may be contacted for details. Tel: 04542-241675

Megamalai (130 km): Located 1,500 m above sea level, Megamalai is home to many tea and cardamom plantations in the hills. Transport is available from Chinnamanur.

Suruli Falls (123 km): Located on the way to Thekedy via Uthamapalayam, the falls in a salubrious are a great picnic spot. Regular buses/vans are available from Kambam.
Courtrallam (160 km): Courtrallam, home to a well-known spa and nine waterfalls, is situated at an elevation of 167 m on the western ghats in Tirunelveli district. During the season (June to September) huge crowds visit the health resort. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation has hotels/restaurants/boat houses here and also arranges day treks. For more information call, Hotel Tamil Nadu, Tel: 04633-283003.

Palani (120 km): This famous pilgrim centre has a temple of Lord Muruga perched 180 m atop a hill. One can climb up the steps or take the ropeway to the top. There are regular bus services from Madurai. Hotel Tamil Nadu, Palani 04545-241156

Kumbakkarai Waterfalls (105 km): Located 6 km from Periyakulam, this is an ideal picnic spot. It serves as base camp for trekkers to the Kodai hills.

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