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Kolhapur may be off beat route for many still it is a pretty good destination for industrial visit, It is one of the shining examples in the co-operative movement of India,with around 11,338 societies in the district. The industries in Kolhapur mainly comprise sugar industries, textile mills, engineering units and foundry units. There are nine industrial estates in Kolhapur, with 1,207 functioning units Kolhapur is one of the most important places for foundry businesses. Mechanical industries in Kolhapur are major suppliers to the OEM customers like Tata, Bajaj, Mahindra and Mahindra, General Motors, etc, Kolhapur is also home to Marathi film industry.

An important princely state in pre-independent India, Kolhapur has been the focal point of devotion and spiritual yearnings for Hindus for its centuries-old sacred shrine “Mahalaxmi”. Located amidst beautiful hills on the banks of Panchganga River, the place is rightly known as “Dakshin Kashi” or Kashi of the South. Steeped in history, this atmospheric place is one of the many jewels in the crowns of Maharashtra and it is easier to be enchanted by the various landmarks of the city. A travel to Kolhapur includes a trip to some of beautiful attractions that are excursions from the city.

Sights to See

Ambabai Temple
The spiritually important Ambabai Temple is the number-one attraction of this place that draws crowds of pilgrims daily. A place of intense spiritual activity this old shrine dates back to 12th century AD and is dedicated to Mahalaxmi.

Kotiteerth, Old and New Palace, Panchganga, Rankala Lake, Shahu Museum, Shalini Palace (now converted into a hotel), Town Hall and the Irwin Agricultural Museum are other attractions in Kolhapur.


Jyotiba Hills (12 km): The place is a pilgrim centre with a temple dedicated to God Jyotiba.

Panhala (23 km): A fortified town in the Sahyadri ranges. This place is home to several attractions including Panhala Fort, Sajja Kothi, Ambabai temple and Pavankhind.

Bahubali or Kumbhojgiri (38 km): This is a pilgrim centre for Jains where the sage Bahubali is supposed to have meditated 300 years ago. There are around 24 temples dedicated to the Jain Tirthankars within the complex. There is also a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga nearby.

Siddhgiri Museum (10 km):A unique tourism project has come up in Kaneri village which gives a peak into village life existing nearly a century ago and will help promote and conserve ancient Indian culture.

Audumbar (55 km): The place is known for the temple of Shri Dattatraya and the “Brahmanand Swami Math”.

Narsobachi Wadi (45 km): A pilgrim place for the Hindus, famous for the temple of “Dattatraya” is visited by a number of devotees.

Battis Shirala (60 km): This village comes to life on Nag Panchami day, when snakes and poisonous cobras are caught and worshipped.

Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 45 km away from Shirala, this wildlife destination is home to a good number of species including tiger, panther, bison, bear and sambar.

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 50 km away from Sangali, this sanctuary is visited by wildlife enthusiasts for its population of sambar and deer. The Sagareshwar temple dedicated to God Shiva is also sited in this sanctuary.



  • Kolhapur Steel Ltd
  • Manugraph India Ltd
  • Warana Group Of Cooperatives
  • Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh Ltd

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries.


Amba (64 km): An ideal summer resort with enchanting landscape this is a small hill station with salubrious climate and popular with trekkers.

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary (70 km): This sanctuary at Dajipur was established in 1985 encompassing the Dajipur Bison Reserve with the surrounding forest areas. The evergreen forest of Dajipur is a home to Indian bison or gaur, giant Indian squirrel, deers and a variety of birds. The nearest railhead for the sanctuary is Kankavli which is 41 Km away.

Vishalgarh Fort (83 km):Located on the Gagapur Hills, this fort is of both historical and archaeological importance.

Samaangad: This fort has inspiring fables woven around it. Situated in the Gadhinglaj district the fort has secret passages and strong bastions.

Bhudargad (50 km): This fort is situated on a huge vertical rock amidst mountain ranges.

Amboli (130 km): A beautiful, charming hill resort, the place is known for its unspoilt charm.

Vijaydurg (140 km):Vijaydurg the “Victory Fort” bears testimony to the Maratha’s martial supremacy during Shivaji’s reign.

Malvan (161 km): The rocky terrain here holds two forts, Sindhudurg and Padmagad.

Vengurla (198 km): A beach with stretch of white sands and hills is an ideal retreat for leisure tourists.

Ramteerth: A scenic picnic spot in Ajra district with ancient temples, a river, an old coffee plantation and an orchard, lend a quaint charm to this place.

Khidrapur (62 km): Built by Shilahar King approximately between 11th and12th centuries, the Temple of Khidrapur is located east of Kolhapur. An architectural marvel, the shrine is famous for its beautifully carved sculptures.

How would you like to travel?

Pune is the nearest airport that is connected by flights from major cities in India.
Kolhapur is a railway station on the Pune-Miraj-Kolhapur section of the South Central Railway.
Kolhapur is connected by good motorable roads to all places in South India.
Kolhapur is:
  • 225 km from Pune
  • 105 km from Belgaum
  • 144 km from Ganapatipule
  • 395 km from Mumbai
  • 293 km from Panaji
  • 128 km from Satara
  • 254 km from Sholapur

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