Importance of Industrial Tour By S. Mary Rajamani

In current competitive environment with plenty of opportunity for the professional with professional skills we find many of the students lack of  professionalism after  obtaining their higher degree due to lack of practical exposure and industrial knowledge. Most of the professional course curriculum has been designed to an extent of theoretical knowledge rather than practical awareness of the students which is being one of cause for decreasing the quality of professional courses and creating the  a industrial  and academic gap of student knowledge.

This article highlights an attempt to make the industrial tour an integral part of any professional  course which is achieved through identifying learning objectives/outcomes and suitable industrial sites to achieve them.


Most of the profession course curriculum has been designed with more  importance to theoretical knowledge than practical exposure of the students, which is being cause for raising the industrial academic gap of the students knowledge due which many of the students remain jobless after pursuing their higher degrees in professional courses. To overcome this problems the current professional course should be designed with the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical exposure. Students should give an opportunity to experience what they have learned in the class room lecture and update  themselves with the latest trends in the industrial markets through industrial tours and short visits.

Industrial tour is an important activity in an professional courses like M.B.A / Engineering  programs that contribute the achievement of various essential learning outcomes and program objectives.

Industrial tour will give a corporate exposure and practical insight of how companies work and it provides an information related to the practical aspects of the course which cannot be visualized in the lectures. Students will get an opportunity to experience the knowledge what they obtained from the regular classroom lectures and enable them to be more practical and professionals with good professional skills.

Industrial tour not only help the students to experience what they learned in the regular classrooms but also provide an insight knowledge of internal working environment of the company/plants. It give corporate exposure along with industrial interface in various field related to the professional courses and to gain industrial exposure for the students. .  It enable the faculty to make easier understanding of the subject knowledge in various concepts in engineering and production and operational management in management courses.

Some of the  universities routinely conduct industrial visits as a part of their curriculum. The validity of visit as an instrument to measure program effectiveness depends on several factors. The concept of learning outcomes in engineering is to introduce or improve the students technical ability and commercialization skills for suitable development.

Taylor purpose is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.

Therefore all programs in the professional colleges has to  develop to  implemented ongoing program learning outcomes assessment to ensure that the curricular objectives are aligned with the educational institutions purpose with achieving learning outcomes. Students centered learning where students learn from the theories and projects based learning which is emphasized on the hands on approach that educators use to approach and solve an engineering problems  Industrial tour should focus on the concept that the student need to learn along with providing adequate doses of learning.

Selection of the industrial site depend upon the type of the course and ability of students funding.  Before the industrial visit the student must be aware of the course content and concept involved in it and have theoretical knowledge about concept so that he can experience practical insight of the knowledge what he has learned in regular sessions and can obtain accumulated knowledge.

After the visit the student should be given an assignment to submit the project report to present their observation during the visit and compare with theoretical knowledge learned in the class room sessions. Which will enable the student to present their practical experience and also improve their technical and professional  skills

Industrial tour help  the students to achieve the following:

  • ·Practical insight how the companies work
  • ·Experience the ongoing manufacturing process
  • ·Easier understanding the of concepts what they have learned in the sessions
  • ·Interaction with technical experts to gain insight knowledge on production concepts
  • ·Awareness about the working with heavy machines in the production plant
  • ·Recognize the process unit
  • ·Identify the input /output for different processes
  • ·Experience the importance of working safety
  • ·Understand how does the product of the plant interfaced to the world


 Industrial tour offers an opportunity for individuals to strengthen their knowledge through the practical exposure. It provide the student with an opportunity to gain practical awareness about what he has learned in the  course. It will help the institutions to improve quality perception of their students joined in various professional course who are the leader of tomorrows competitive world. It will improve the learning objective of the professional courses. It will improve the technical ability of students of various professional courses. It will offer the quality professionals to the market with excellent professional skills and communicational skills. It will fill the gap of industrial and academic.


S.Mary Rajamani

MPhil, MBA

Associate Professor and HOD

Priyadarshini P.G. College, Hyderabad