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The main industrial visit attraction to Giridih is The Data Processing Center of Data Processing Division (DPD) of National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) which  provides complete IT solution from sample selection, software development to processing and tabulation of data canvassed through various socio-economic surveys of National Sample Survey Organisation, another attraction is the coal mines of Central Coalfields Limited.

Giridih, the headquarters of the district of the same name, is located in the lap of hills and hillocks. It is surrounded by a number of hills including the Parasnth Hills, sacred place for the Jainas, where 23 out of 24 Jain Tirthankaras attained Nirvana, the ‘Salvation’.

A noted wild life sanctuary ‘Parasnath’ with its highest peak measures 1365 meters. This is the highest in Jharkhand. It also offers one of the best sites for trekking, hiking and wilderness camp. The stream flowing from its peak possesses medicinal value and is a heaven for the ecologists. The sanctuary houses a large number of fauna and flora including the rarest species of herbs at its bed.

Sights to See

Parasnath Temple

The highest hill in Jharkhand, towering to an elevation of 4480 feet, it is home to the Parasnath Temple, considered to be one of the most important and sanctified holy places of the Jains. According to Jain tradition, no less than 23 out of 24 Tirthankaras (including Parsvanatha) are believed to have attained salvation here.


The Village which lies in Pirtand block has a famous temple believed to be more than 2000 years old. It is a place of considerable religious importance for the Jain. The Samosharan temple and Bhomiyaji Sthan is two very famous Jain temples. There is a Jain museum at Madhuban which houses a number of Jain scriptures, idols and manuscript. One can view the clear sight of Parasnath Temple using the telescope installed at the balcony of the museum. 

Khandoli Park
A water reservoir some 8 km North-East of Giridih headquarter is one of the best site for water related adventure sports and bird-watching. A watch tower and 600 feet high hillock offers a panoramic view of Khandoli site. Elephant and camel Safari and numbers of other amusement facilities are available there including boating, rock-climbing, parasailing and kayaking.

Ushri Fall
Amidst in the range of the famous Parasnath Hills, the Ushri River gushes down from a steep gorge , some 40 feet high in three separate streams . it is located about 14 km away from east of Giridih Town. It is a favorite picnic spot.



  • Data Processing Division.
  • Central Coalfields Limited

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries.

Harihar Dham
A small hamlet about 60kms South-west of Giridih district headquarter under Bagodar Block possesses the largest Shiva Linga of India. The temple has typical sculpture people from all over India throng here every year. Parasnath Hill
Parasnath hill which is 4431 ft height is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas. It is located at the latitude of 23 degree, 9 minutes north and longitude of 86 degree, 3 minutes east. It was made accessible since the construction of a road in 1838. Significantly the oldest of the Jain temple appears to date only from AD. 1775. Parasnath is the “Marang Buru “or hill deity of the Santhal of Hazaribagh, Manbhum, Bankura and Santhal Parganas and each year they assemble at the period of the full noon in Baisakh from these district and celebrate a religious hunt for three days


Noted for its large well, the whole water of this well contains important minerals which have medicinal value. A large annual fair is held here on the occasion of Lakshmi Puja. 

Jharkhandi Dham
It is one of the most important pilgrim centres of Jharkhand from which the name of the newly formed state has been derived. It possesses a Shiva Temple where an annual fair takes place.

This village has a famous Shiva temple, where an annual fair is held on the occasion of Shivaratri.

How would you like to travel?

Bisra Munda Airport at Ranchi is the nearest airport connected by flights from Mumbai Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Delhi and Patna.
Giridih is connected to Madhupur. Another important railway Station is Parasnath railway station some 48 km from district headquarter on Howrah-Delhi grand chord line.
The district is well served by a network of good roads. Besides, the Grand Trunk Road, there are a number of State Highway and REO roads connecting one place of the district with other places within and outside the district. All the block headquarters of the district are connected with district headquarters by metalled roads.

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