Chennai Industrial Visit

Chennai is another preferred destination for industrial visit, Chennai as Bangalore offers industrial visit for all most all segments of professional education, A major chunk of India’s automobile manufacturing industry, information technology (IT), business process outsourcing is based in and around the city. A large number of automotive companies including Hyundai, Renault, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Daimler AG, Caterpillar Inc., Komatsu Limited, Ford, BMW and Mitsubishi have manufacturing plants in Chennai. The Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi produces military vehicles, including India’s main battle tank: Arjun MBT. The Integral Coach Factory manufactures railway coaches and other rolling stock for Indian Railways. Telecom and Electronics manufacturers based in and around Chennai include Nokia, Nokia Siemens, Motorola, Dell, Wipro, Zebronics, Foxconn and Siemens among others. Telecom giants Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent, pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer and chemicals giant Dow Chemicals have research and development facilities in Chennai. The TICEL bio–tech park at Taramani  and Golden Jubilee bio–tech park at Siruseri houses biotechnology companies and laboratories.

This metropolis is often called the ‘Cultural Capital of India’ for its deep-rooted traditions and age-old heritage. A city younger than its image, Chennai has blossomed into a charming city within a span of just over 350 years.

The city gained recognition when, in 1639, Francis Day and Andrew Cogan, agents of the English East India Company, acquired a strip of land, called Chennapatnam on lease from the Vijayanagar King. Fort St. George that serves as the Government Secretariat today was built to set up a factory serving as a nucleus for British settlements.

The city was known as Madras till 1996 and later renamed Chennai. Today this buoyant metropolis is a blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. Spread over 200 sq km with the Bay of Bengal on the east, the city is the gateway to the rest of South India.

Sights to See

Places of Worship

Gujarati Shwetambar Murtipujak Jain Mandir (Kutchery Road, Mylapore)
Gujarati Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Mandir is one of the most important Jain temples in the city. Credited to be the first Jain temple in South India with three gopurams and five doors, it is completely built of marble. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Parsvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism.

Kapaleeswarar Temple (Mylapore)
The replica of an underwater temple, the Kapaleeswarar Temple is extremely ancient dating back 300 years. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shivlingam here is believed to have been set up by the Lord Brahma. The 10-day festival also attracts numerous devotees. Timings: 6 am-1 pm, 4 pm-8 pm; Tel: 044 24641670


Santhome Cathedral Basilica (Santhome High Road, Mylapore)
Situated to the south of Marina Beach, the Santhome Cathedral has seen several renovations with the foundation stone being laid in July 1523 for the first time. The present structure was constructed in 1896 in accordance to the Gothic style of architecture. A statue of Virgin Mary, imported from Portugal is also housed here. Mass Timings: Tamil 6 am, 8.15 am, 6 pm; English 7 am, 9.30 am, 12 noon Tel: 044 24985455

Shri Parthasarathy Temple (Triplicane)
Dating back to the 8th century, the Parthasarathy Temple was built by the Pallavas and later reformed by the Vijayanagar Kings during 11th century. Parthasarathy literally means the charioteer and thus the presiding deity is Lord Krishna. The coloured gopuram of the temple is an exquisite feature. Timings: 5.30 am-12 noon, 4 pm-9 pm; Tel: 044 28442449, 28442462.

St. Mary’s Church

Situated in the famous Fort St. George, the St. Mary’s Church is also called the Westminster Abbey of the East. It is the first Anglican Church in Asia and is presently preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. A unique and cunning feature of its design is a bomb-proof roof, so as to cause cannon-balls to ricochet. Timings: 9 am-5 pm; Tel: 044 25672023

Chennai Snake Park & Children’s park (Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Road)
Situated next to the Guindy National Park, the Snake Park is a popular spot. Established in 1972, it houses a variety of snakes such as king cobra, pythons, vipers and other reptiles. There is also information about different types of snakes and the common misconceptions surrounding them. The adjacent Children’s Park has numerous rides and a play park. Entrance Fee: Adult/Child: Rs.10/2; Timings: 8.30 am-5.30 pm; Closed: Tuesdays; Tel: 044 22353623.

Birla Planetarium,
Tamil Nadu Science & Technology Centre, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Behind CLRI, Chennai-600025
Tel                 :  044 24410025, 24416751, 24915250
Timings           :  10 am-5.45 pm
Show Timings  :  10.45 am, 1.15 pm, 3.45 pm (English) 12 noon, 2.30 pm (Tamil)
Closed            :  National Holidays
Entry Fee       :  Adults/Children: Rs. 40/25

Fort Museum
Fort St. George, Chennai-600009
Tel          :  044 25671127
Timings    :  10 am-5 pm
Closed      :  Fridays & National Holidays
Entry Fee :  Indians/Foreigners: Rs. 5/100

Kamarajr Salai, Chennai-600005
Tel          :  044 28446188
Timings    :  10 am-12 pm,3 pm-7 pm
Closed      :  Wednesdays & National Holidays
Entry Fee :  Adults/Children: Rs. 2/1

Museum Theatre

Government Museum

Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008
Tel                              : 044 28193238, 28193778
Timings                        : 9.30 am-5 pm
Closed                         : Fridays & National Holidays
Entry Fee                     : Adults/Children/Students: Rs.15/10/5 (Indian);
Adults/Children/Student : Rs.250/125/75 (Foreigner)
Camera/Video               : Rs. 200/500 per camera

Regional Rail Museum
Avadi Road, ICF, Near ICF Bus Stand, Chennai-38.
Tel            : 044 26201014
Timings      : 10 am-6 pm
Closed       : Mondays & National Holidays
Entry Fee   : Adults/Children: Rs. 15/10


Elliot Beach (Besant Nagar)
The favourite rendezvous of the younger generation, this was once a popular bathing beach. This beach is named after Edward Elliot, the Governor of Madras. Good roads, pavements and illuminated sands make a visit to this beach a real pleasure.

Marina Beach
The 13 km long Marina Beach forms the city’s east coast, from Fort St. George to Mamallapuram and is one of the longest beaches in the world. Numerous statues of famous personalities adorn the roadside along the beach..

Industries Enroute

  • Ashok Leyland
  • Hindustan Motors
  • TAFE Tractors
  • Apollo Tyre

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Guindy National Park (Guindy)
The Guindy National Park was earlier the property of Gilbert Rodericks used as a hunting preserve until it was bought by the then Madras Government in 1821. The National Park boasts over 24 varieties of trees, 14 types of mammals and 37 varieties of birds. Entrance Fee: Adult/Child: Rs.10/1; Timings: 9.30 am-5.30 pm; Closed: Tuesdays; Tel: 044 22301328.

Semmozhi Poonga (Cathedral Road)
Semmozhi Poonga, literally translated to “Classical Language Park”, is a world-class botanical garden near Anna flyover in Chennai. Recently developed by the horticulture department the garden encompasses an area of 20 acres. The garden has more than 500 species of plants in addition to the 80 pre-existing trees of which some are more than 100 years old. The garden has 22 exclusive areas including palm court, tree court, golden garden, rock garden, butterfly garden, fern garden and theme garden. It also houses 25 thematic gardens including herbals, aromatics, mazes and cascade adorn every corner of the park. Timings: 6 am-8 am; Morning Walk: 10 am-8 pm; Entry fee: Rs. 5.


Fort St. George (Island Grounds)
Established in 1639 along the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai, this site is often believed to have marked the birth of the city. The Fort museum inside is decorated with cannons of Tipu Sultan and displays many interesting artefacts. Today the fort houses the Legislative Assembly with the tallest flag pole at 150 m and is known as the Secretariat Building. Entrance Fee: Indian/Foreigner: Rs.5/100; Timings: 10 am-5 pm; Closed Fridays. Tel: 044 25671127

National Art Gallery

Valluvar Kottam Kodambakkam (Valluvar Kottam High Road)
The memorial of the poet-saint Tiruvalluvar is shaped like a temple chariot and is the replica of the temple chariot in Thiruvarur. The memorial has a 33 m life-size statue of the saint and 133 chapters from Thirukkural depicted in bas-relief. The auditorium here can accommodate up to 4,000 people at a time. Timings: 8 am-6 pm; Tel: 044 28172177.

Theosophical Society
The society was founded by Madame. H.P. Blavatsky and Col. H.S. Olcott of the U.S.A to study religion and philosophy. In 1892, the society moved to Chennai and was set amidst a vast expanse of woods on the estuary of Adyar. The Shrines of all Faiths, Garden of Remembrance, almost a century old library and the research centre on oriental arts are worth a visit. Above all, the largest Banyan tree, several hundred years old, is found on this campus. It spreads its branches and roots covering a space of over 40,000 sq ft giving a serene ambience. Entry free. Time: 8.30 am to 10 am, and 2 pm to 5 pm. Sundays closed. Tel: 24912474

A renowned training institute for the classical dances of India, this ‘Temple of Arts’ was founded by Rukmini Devi Arundale in 1936, to train and encourage young artists and to revive Bharatanatyam, the classical dance form of Tamil Nadu. It imparts training on various branches of theatrical art, in the ancient ‘Gurukula’ system and in sylvan surroundings. It is located at Tiruvanmiyur. Entry free. No holidays.Time: 10 am to 6 pm.Tel:24521169


Cholamandal Artists Village (18 km)
Located on the East Coast Road, this artists’ commune was started in 1966 and is perhaps the first of its kind. The artists and sculptors who live and work in this seaside colony in idyllic surroundings, exhibit and sell their work that consists of contemporary art, sculpture, batik and terracotta and granite. These are often exhibited and also sold. Cholamandal also has an open-air theatre in which dance performances and poetry reading competitions are held. Entry free, No holidays. Time: 9 am to 7 pm. Tel: 044 24490092.

A wide canvas of South India’s rich and varied heritage, a cultural crucible, a living, breathing, cross-cultural museum of architecture, life-styles, crafts, performing arts, even food and music. A first-of-its-kinds truly epic effort to capture for posterity, the authentic aura, the pulse of one of the world’s oldest living cultures. It has relocated 18th, 19th and early 20th century houses and re-created village streets and work places providing authentic insights into the domestic architecture, spatial organisation,

life-styles and character of the essential Tamilian or Keralite or Andhrite or Kannadiga. It showcases and demonstrates unique traditional folk performances from the many regions and villages of South India. Fee: Adults: Rs. 50 and Children: Rs. 25 Time: 10 am to 6 pm Tuesdays holiday. Tel: 04424918943, 24462435.

Mamallapuram (58 km)

Anna Zoological Park (Vandaloor Zoo) (58 km)
This is a reserved forest area converted into a zoo, where the animals are not confined to cages. It is situated 35 Km from Chennai. The Lion safari is the pride of this park. Battery operated

vehicles are available for rides through the park. Tuesdays closed. Fee: Adults: Rs. 15, Children: Rs. 10. Tel: 044 22397150

Crocodile Bank (44 km)

This park provides ample opportunities to watch the crocodiles from a safe distance. Various pits in this centre house thousands of crocodiles and alligators of different species found around the world. There is also a tribal society that runs a snake venom extraction centre. There is demonstration of venom extraction at every hour. Time: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Fee: Adults: Rs. 10, Children: Rs. 5. Tel: 044 27472447

How would you like to travel?

Chennai has two airports — international and domestic. Both terminals, Anna International Airport and Kamaraj Domestic Terminal, are located at Tirusulam, about 20 km from the city centre. Regular buses, pre-paid taxis, easy cabs, radio cabs and other car rentals can be easily availed at both tairport terminals.
Chennai Central and Egmore Station are the two major stations connecting Chennai to major parts of the country. While Chennai Central connects the city by broad gauge, Egmore is the starting point of both broad gauge and metre gauge. Several super fast, express and mail trains run regularly to different parts of the country. Tickets can be booked easily through the Indian Railways website ( and reservation counters all over the city.
Chennai is connected by well maintained state roads and national highways with all the important places within the state and other parts of India. The newly opened Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal at Jawaharlal Nehru Salai is the largest in Asia and operates most government bus services. You can also rent cars with private tour and cab operators. Pre-paid taxis and cars are available at airports, railway stations and private tour and cab operators

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