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Britannia is one of the best Industry for industrial visit for Food Technology , Biotechnology and Management students , Brittania has factories in Kolkatta, delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Rudrapur , and these factories can be visited with previous confirmation from respective Hr departments
Britannia Industries is an Indian Food Products Industries. It is famous for its Britannia and Tiger biscuit throughout India.The story of one of India’s favourite brands reads almost like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, in 1892 to be precise, a biscuit company was started in a nondescript house in Calcutta (now Kolkata) with an initial investment of Rs. 295. The company we all know as Britannia today.

The beginnings might have been humble-the dreams were anything but. By 1910, with the advent of electricity, Britannia mechanised its operations, and in 1921, it became the first company east of the Suez Canal to use imported gas ovens. Britannia’s business was flourishing. But, more importantly, Britannia was acquiring a reputation for quality and value. As a result, during the tragic World War II, the Government reposed its trust in Britannia by contracting it to supply large quantities of “service biscuits” to the armed forces.
As time moved on, the biscuit market continued to grow… and Britannia grew along with it. In 1975, the Britannia Biscuit Company took over the distribution of biscuits from Parry’s who till now distributed Britannia biscuits in India. In the subsequent public issue of 1978, Indian shareholding crossed 60%, firmly establishing the Indianness of the firm. The following year, Britannia Biscuit Company was re-christened Britannia Industries Limited (BIL). Four years later in 1983, it crossed the Rs. 100 crores revenue mark.
On the operations front, the company was making equally dynamic strides. In 1992, it celebrated its Platinum Jubilee. In 1997, the company unveiled its new corporate identity – “Eat Healthy, Think Better” – and made its first foray into the dairy products market. In 1999, the “Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao” promotion further fortified the affinity consumers had with ‘Brand Britannia’.
Britannia strode into the 21st Century as one of India’s biggest brands and the pre-eminent food brand of the country. It was equally recognised for its innovative approach to products and marketing: the Lagaan Match was voted India’s most successful promotional activity of the year 2001 while the delicious Britannia 50-50 Maska-Chaska became India’s most successful product launch. In 2002, Britannia’s New Business Division formed a joint venture with Fonterra, the world’s second largest Dairy Company, and Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. was born. In recognition of its vision and accelerating graph, Forbes Global rated Britannia ‘One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World’, and The Economic Times pegged Britannia India’s 2nd Most Trusted Brand.
Today, more than a century after those tentative first steps, Britannia’s fairy tale is not only going strong but blazing new standards, and that miniscule initial investment has grown by leaps and bounds to crores of rupees in wealth for Britannia’s shareholders. The company’s offerings are spread across the spectrum with products ranging from the healthy and economical Tiger biscuits to the more lifestyle-oriented Milkman Cheese. Having succeeded in garnering the trust of almost one-third of India’s one billion population and a strong management at the helm means Britannia will continue to dream big on its path of innovation and quality. And millions of consumers will savour the results, happily ever after.

Britannia Journey
– The Company was Incorporated on 21st March, as a public limited company under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913. The Company Manufacture bakery and soyabean products, export of cashew Kernels marine products, general merchandise items and computer software.
– The Company obtained a priority of Certificate and imported new machinery thereby becoming the first biscuit company in India to instal and run a gas oven plant.
– A new factory was established at Kasara Pier Road in Mumbai. In the same year, the Company became a subsidiary of Peek, Frean & Co. Ltd., U.K., a leading biscuit manufacturing company, and further strengthened its position by expanding the factories at Calcutta and Mumbai.
– A large part of the Company’s production was diverted to war effort on account of World War II and at times as much as 95% of the total capacity was booked for the production of Service Biscuit.
– 19,779 Equity shares issued to acquire the Delhi Biscuit Co. Ltd. In August 1,53,234 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 1:1.
– The Calcutta Factory was shifted from Dum Dum to spacious grounds at Taratola Road in the suburbs of Calcutta. During the same year automatic plants were installed there and later in Mumbai in 1954.
– The development of high quality sliced and wrapped bread in India was pioneered by the Company and was first manufactured at Delhi.
– 1,53,234 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 1:2.
– Manufacture of bread was started in Mumbai and a new bread bakery was set up at Delhi in 1965.
– 2,29,851 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 1:2.
– In May 1966, 3,06,468 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 4:9.
– On 14th May, 6,64,014 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 2:3.
– 9,96,021 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 3:5.
– Britannia bread was introduced in Calcutta and Chennai.
– 18,59,239 Bonus equity shares issued in the proportion 7:10 in
– After the issue of shares to the Indian public, the non-resident holding in the Company was reduced to less than 40%.
– 18,00,000 Equity shares issued at a premium of Rs 5 per share. 4,06,286 shares offered as rights to resident Indian shareholders in proportion 1:5. 43,714 shares offered to the Company’s employees; 1,00,000 shares to UTI and 50,000 shares each to LIC and GIC were reserved for allotment and 11,50,000 shares offered to the public during January/February.
– With effect from 3rd October, the name of the Company was changed from the Britannia Biscuit Co., Ltd., to Britannia Industries Ltd.
– The Company signed a 10 year technical collaboration agreement with Nebico Pvt. Ltd., Nepal, for the supply of know-how relating to manufacturing, packaging and marketing of biscuits and selection of plant and machinery.
– 25,26,118 Bonus equity shares issued in proportion 2:5.
– The turnover increased by 19.4% over the the previous year to Rs 192.15 crores. Sales of biscuits, in terms of volume, registered a satisfacotry growth. Good Day, a new biscuit launched during the year met with good market response.
– Production of bread at Delhi unit was adversely affected due to launched pure refined cooking oil under the brand name of Vital.
– 35,36,565 Bonus shares issued in proportion 2:5 during July 1987.
– In (16 months), the total sales turnover increased on an annualized basis by 38.7% over the previous year. Increase in sales of bakery and soya products divisions and higher cashew exports helped to realise higher sales. With the introduction of some more brands during the year, the total biscuit brands of the bakery division reached 27.
The soya products division introduced a range of extruded products under the brand name VITAL FEAST.
– The Company launched new brand of biscuit, namely, `CIRCUT’. Another brand PURE MAGIC was extended nationally and posta badam was added to GOOD DAY range of biscuits. Bread production and affected for some time at Delhi factory due to industrial unrest.
– 61,88,989 Bonus shares issued in proportion 1:2.
– Two new brands of biscuits,Elaichi Creamand Petit Beurre were launched. Also, a new cashew badam variant of the brand Milk Bikis and brand extension of Pure magic biscuit Vanilla cream were launched. Fruit bread was launched in Delhi and was well received.
– The Company launched two new speciality brands viz., Britannia milk bread and Britannia brown bread in Delhi and extended nationally its main brands Petit Beurre and elaichi cream.
– On 17th August, the Company handed over to SM Dychem Ltd, its soya unit at Vidisha, MP.
– The Company proposed to invest in the equity capital of Britco Company Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with JMRPCO Ltd., Hongkong, for manufacture of beverage bases and essence for Coca Cola, Fanta & Sprite and to export processed snack foods.
– The Company launched a new brand of biscuit, namely `Little Hearts’ which carved a niche in the market.
– The Company launched new brand of biscuit, namely, `Fifty-Fifty’. Bread market remained depressed. To revive the market, the Company launched a speciality brand viz. `Premium Bake’ in both Delhi and Mumbai. During the year, the company has started exporting Basmati Rice under the name `Britannia Indian Pearl’.
– During the year, the bakery division launched `Bakers Choice’ a sweet biscuit and `Thinlite’ a light semi-sweet biscuit aimed at fitness concious consumers.
– Under the `Pure Magics’ Umbrella, the company launched a new sandwich cream biscuit with two-in-one flavour viz. double cream and this was well received in the market. In the cake market, under the premium segment, the company launched with Groupe Danone’s technological input a Swissroll Cake Mini Roule which was also met with good response.
– Mariegold biscuits registered quantum growth in volumes and milk bikis milk cream launched during the year was well received. Despite general slow down in the economy the company’s profits improved.
– The Biscuit industry has been dereserved which would not only remove restriction on increasing capacity but would also provide opportunities of growth through new products and efficient production systems. The Company undertook to diversify into cheese and dairy whitner.
– The Company launched `Tiger’ range of biscuits for mass market category, `Jim-Jam’ and ` `Chekkers’ in the premium segment. The Company also launched Butter in Delhi during the year.
– Britannia Industries (BIL) is one of the largest bakery in the private sector and a household name in food products.
– Britannia Industries Ltd (BIL) will shortly enter the cheese and milk products market with an alliance proposed between itself and the Mumbai-based Dynamix Dairy Ltd.
– Britannia Industries Ltd is all set to launch a new corporate identity and a total revamp of its product portfolio, with strategic inputs from an international strategic design and brand repositioning company – Shining Strategic Design.
– Food major Britannia Industries Ltd (BIL) has signed a wage agreement with the Maharashtra General Kamgar Union (MGKU), providing an average wage increase for 1,000 workers employed in the biscuit manufacturing unit at Reay Road, Mumbai.
– The company has launched Half/Half, a soft cake filled with cream in two variants, chocolate-vanilla and vanilla-orange. Half/Half comes in a twin-cake pack (Rs.6) and a tray pack containing five cakes.
– Britannia Industries Ltd has launched a festival offer for Britannia Dairy Whitener in Kerala.
– A Ind AAA rating has been signed to the Rs.100-crore secured non-convertible debenture issue from Britannia Industries Limited (BIL).
– Britannia Industries Ltd has rolled out its flavoured milk brand `Zip-Sip’ in tetrapaks. Zip-Sip has been launched in Mumbai and some markets in the South.
– Britannia Industries, launching the country’s first branded flavoured milk is another step towards its goal of becoming a dairy-products giant.
– In a move meant to sharply increase its India-profile, `knowledge major’ Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc plans to come out – for the first time – with India and south Asia-specific volumes targeted at school children as well as institutions and the general `knowledge-seeker’.
– Britinnia Industries has launched consumer promotion scheme
`Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao’ on May 1st.
– Britannia Industries, in its second coming in the Indian dairy market under the `Milkman’ brand, is introducing a range of products many in desi flavours to woo the Indian consumer.
– The Company has launched Vita Mariegold, a semi-sweet biscuit which reportedly has 10 essential vitamins, milk protein and 58 cereals.
– Britannia’s Milk Bikis Funland biscuits an innovative extension of the Milk Bikis brand.
– The Industry is set to start bread-manufacturing factories in Kochi, Hyderabad and Chennai to tap the region’s market potential.
– The Company has become the first company to take its products to the Net in the form of a video file.
– Britannia Industries has launched Britannia Milkman Butter, a product under the Milkman brand.
– The Company has appointed Tata Energy Research Institute (Teri) for a power audit.
– FITCH rating India Pvt. Ltd has reaffirmed the Ind AAA rating assigned to the Rs 1000 million non convertible debenture program of
Britannia Industries Ltd.
– The Company has lauched two new dairy products Milkman Cold Coffee and Milkman Sweet lassi.
– Britannia Industries Ltd. has introduced a new range of traditional namkeens called Britannia Snaz in Mumbai.
– Britannia Industries has launched Britannia Milkman Milk in Delhi.
– Biscuits major Britannia Industries will fund its in-principle agreement to acquire 49 per cent of Kwality Biscuits through internal accruals.
-Britannia Industries Ltd announced on March 26, 2002 that it has entered into a joint venture with the Fonterra Cooperative Group, New Zealand’s biggest company and one of the leading diary co-operative groups in the world.
-Britannia’s new COO is Nikhil Sen.
– Board of Directors of Britannia Industries Ltd has passed a resolution to terminate the employment of Mr S K Alagh as Managing Director of the company with immediate effect.
– The management of Britannia Industries has roped in John Miller, a Danone representative, as additional director on its board.
-Britannia New Zealand Foods, a joint venture of Britannia Industries and Fonterra Co-operative group of New Zealand has launched Britannia MilkMan fresh milk.
-Britannia’s Non-convertible Debentures have been rated AAA by Fitch Rating India as Stable Outlook.
-Britannia Industries has appointed Mr.Nikhil Sen,Chief Operating Officer as the manager of the company.
-Britannia Industries Ltd has informed that pursuant to the approval of the shareholders of the Company at the AGM held on August 08, 2003 and the subsequent application to the Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd., the said stock exchange has delisted the securities of the Company with effect from November 15, 2003.
-Britannia Industries Ltd reviews marketing alliance with the Kolkata-based Thacker Dairy Products Pvt Ltd
-Britannia accorded the status of being a ‘Superbrand’
-Volumes cross 3,00,000 tons of biscuits
-Good Day adds a new variant – Choconut – in its range
–Britannia New Zealand launches health drink for adult
-Re-birth of Tiger – ‘Swasth Khao, Tiger Ban Jao’ becomes the popular chant!
-Britannia launched ‘Greetings’ range of premium assorted gift packs
-The new plant in Uttaranchal, commissioned ahead of schedule.
-The launch of yet another exciting snacking option – Britannia 50-50 Pepper Chakkar
-Britannia Industries Ltd has forged a strategic alliance with CCD Daily Bread Pvt Ltd a Bangalore based Company engaged in manufacturing and retailing of premium breads, cakes and high end ready to eat foods and snacks
-Britannia Industries Ltd has appointed Mr. Stephan Gerlich as a Director.
-Britannia Industries Ltd has informed that Mr. Durgesh Mehta has joined the Company as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with effect from November 16, 2006.
-Britannia re-launched NutriChoice Hi-Fibre Digestive biscuits in an international large sized biscuit pack.

-Britannia industries formed a joint venture with the Khimji Ramdas Group and acquired a 70 percent beneficial state in the Dubai-based Strategic Foods International Co. LLC and 65.4% in the Oman-based Al Sallan Food Industries Co. SAOG.
-Britannia NutriChoice SugarOut range introduced – 1st of its kind of biscuits to be be launched in India with No Added Sugar (Variants -Chocolate Cream, Orange Cream, and Litetime)
-Britannia NutriChoice 5 Grain biscuits launched – Biscuits with the goodness of 5 health Cereals, and sweetened with Natural honey. Britannia Nutrichoice promised consumers Bhook Bhagao, Kuch Healthy
-Britannia launched Iron fortified ‘Tiger Banana’ biscuits, ‘Good Day Classic Cookies’, Low Fat Dahi and renovated ‘MarieGold’.
-Britannia NutriChoice Nature Spice Crackers launched – Your favorite Cream Crackers, now made even more exciting with the addition of Sabut Ajwain and Jeera spices.
-Britannia NutriChoice launches a New Year pack – the Health Starter Kit. Created for everyone who makes New Year resolutions and doesn’t follow through. The Health Starter Kit contains 1 pack each of
NutriChoice Hi-Fiber Digestive, NutriChoice 5 Grain, NutriChoice Nature Spice Cracker bundled together with a Fit Sip Sipper and a fitness chart. All this only for Rs 100.
– Britannia Industries Ltd has appointed Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar as an additional Director on the Board of the Company with effect from May
28, 2010.
– Company has splits its Face value of Shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2
-Britannia received the Most Respected Company Award 2011 from Businessworld.
-Bourbon received the Most Popular Confectionery Product Preferred By
Youth (Biscuit) Award.
-Britannia Bread launched its new range of Health Breads in Delhi in November. The range consists of Honey & Oats Bread, Multi-Grain Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread and Multi-Fiber Bread.
-BRITANNIA was honoured with `CREATIVE HR PRACTICES AWARD’ by Employer Branding Institute, India, on the occasion of 6th Employer Branding Awards ceremony held on the 10th of December 2011 at Hotel Taj Deccan, Hyderabad.
-IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2011 was awarded to Britannia Industries Limited.
-The Modern Trade team of Britannia was honoured with Winner-BEST BAKERY SUPPLIER award for the year 2011-12, at the 1st SPENCER’S Best Supplier Awards 2012 on 22nd June.
-Britannia was awarded the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) by Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO)
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