Vishnupur Industrial Visit

Vishnupur going students can have their industrial visit in Bankura District there are number of medium scale industries worth visiting, the major industrial in and around Vishnupur includes Nilkamal, Mejhia Thermal Power, Kangsabati Spinning Mill, General Synthetics Corporation Ltd.

While in West Bengal it’ll be a good idea to forsake Kolkata for a few days and explore places such as Vishnupur. Synonymous with terracotta, metalware& temples, Vishnupur, in the district of Bankura, can come as a revelation. The grandeur of Vishnupur can be ascertained by the presence of many beautiful temples featuring intricate terracotta ornamentation. Built mostly of brick and at times, of laterite, these magnificent temples are the mute spectator to Vishnupur’s glorious past. Vishnupur’s other claim to fame is its distinct style of music the VishnupurGharana that has earned great respect among the music lovers.

Sights to See

Dalmadal Caman
This 3.8 m long cannon with exquisite engravings is one often major highlights of Vishnupur. The Dalmadal Caman is one of the major attractions in Bishnupur, West Bengal. This3.8 m long cannon with exquisite engravings has a barrel with a diameter of 28.5 cm. In 1742, during the reign of Raja Gopal Singh, Dalmadal Caman was used to repulse the troops of Maratha leader, Bhaskar Pundit. It supposed to have protected Vishnupur when the Bargis (Maratha warriors) attacked from the west.

Ras Mancha Temple 
Ras Mancha is, quite simply, one of the most splendid attractions in Vishnupur. With hordes of people visiting this oldest brick temple in India every day, this magnificent red brick building an absolute must see site. The temple stands out as a stepped pyramid standing on an arcaded platform and is only temple of its kind in the country.

How would you like to travel?

Nearest airport Kolkata is 201 km away from Vishnupur.

Vishnupur, the railway station is connected with Kolkata (Howrah).


Vishnupur is well-connected by regular bus services to Kolkata and different places in West Bengal.
Vishnupur is:

  • 151 km from Kanyakumari
  • 81 km from Durgapur
  • 145 km from Purulia
  • 34 km from Bankura
  • 91 km from Kharagpur

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  • Nilkamal
  • Mejhia Thermal Power

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Jairambati&Kamarpukur (47 km and 53 km)
These two places are associated with Shri Ramakrishna and his consort ShriMaaSarada. Ruins of the historic GarhMandaran fort are a few kilometres from Kamarpukur.

Mukutmanipur (82 km)
A dam has been constructed across the rivers Kangsabati and Kumari. The place is a picturesque spot for a quiet holiday.

Bahulara (25 km)
The Siddheswar Shiva Temple of Bahulara is well known for its unique architectural style and exquisite ornamentation of the temple walls. The Shaileswar Temple of Dihar, 8 kms from Vishnupur, is also an old temple.

Panchmura (40 km) 
The place is famous for the terracotaBankura Horse, a folk artefact and now the national symbol for Indian handicrafts.

Susunia Hills( 50 km )
The famous rock inscription of Chandavarma can be seen on the walls of a cave and dates back to the 4th century AD. Susunia is connected to Bankura town by bus.