Scenario games

Your behavior at any particular moment is the resultant of your previous conditioning (what ever you have learned till now), so here is an exercise that will somehow indicate what you have learned so far and how you will act in certain circumstances, showcasing your personality, I am not in favor of this class room game, as this makes students feel bad about themselves, but if you want to create an impression you definitely can use this game as a controlling measure.

The Game is simple, you narrate an event give some options to the students and students will have to choose from the option, the selection of an option will reveal their inner thoughts and beliefs.

I have tried to Indianise, the following events and stories; you can use your own narrative skills to make these things work for you in the class room environments. Here are few Scenario Games.

  1. Sweet House
  2. Desert Journey
  3. Blue Bird
  4. Open Door
  5. Volcano
  6. Artistic Cup