Parle Industrial Visit

Parle is one of the best company that provides Industrial Tour for almost all branches , Most of the Parle Plants all across India are very visitor friendly, and the visit is really a enriching experience, the moment you you enter the Factory premises you will be taken to an auditorium, where  you will see a movie presentation of the company and the product , the movie shown is very creatively directed and all age group enjoys , watching the presentation, after presentation you will be guided inside the plant , where you can see the entire process of biscuit making , from kneading the dough, to cutting ,further  to baking  and finally to packing, after the plant visit if you have any queries , plant executive and managers will attend to your queries, and you will be served with freshly baked biscuits.

Parle Products

Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 80 years. Makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even to the remotest villages of India, the company has definitely come a very long way since its inception.

Many of the Parle products – biscuits or confectioneries, are market leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the Monde Selection, since 1971. With a 40% share of the total biscuit market and a 15% share of the total confectionary market in India, Parle has grown to become a multi-million dollar company. While to the consumers it’s a beacon of faith and trust, competitors look upon Parle as an example of marketing brilliance.

Available Anywhere
Today, the great strength of Parle Products is the extremely widespread distribution network. Even at the remotest places, you can buy Parle biscuits and sweets from the local grocer. Even at the remotest places, you can buy Parle biscuits and sweets from the local grocer. It has taken years to create this extensive network. Parle’s sales force started with one salesman in Bombay and some agents in few other cities. Gradually, Parle Products expanded. Soon sweets and biscuits were being sent by rail to Calcutta, Delhi, Karachi, Madras and other major cities. As production increased, distribution was amplified. Full time salesmen were appointed in different areas. Currently, Parle Products has over 33, 00,000 distribution outlets.

Parle Product’s fame and familiarity is undeniable. Considering its extensive reach, the brand Parle is known and recognized by everyone. Over the years, Parle’s sweets and biscuits have become a household name. From kids to adults, everyone loves and cherishes these treats. It gives us great pleasure to see our consumers enjoy and embrace Parle products on daily basis. Our confectioners and chefs have the utmost authority at Parle. Had it not been so, the beginning of Parle would have been quite different.

In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India. The goal was to spread joy and cheer to children and adults alike, all over the country with its sweets and candies. Although, the company knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task, they decided to take the brave step. A small factory was set up in the suburbs of Mumbai to manufacture confectionery products. A decade later this factory was upgraded to manufacture biscuits as well. Since then, the Parle name has spread in all directions and has won international fame. Parle has been sweetening the lives of people all over India and abroad.

Apart from the factories in Mumbai and Bangalore, Parle also has factories in Bahadurgarh, Haryana and Neemrana, Rajasthan. These are the largest biscuit and confectionery plants in the country. Additionally, Parle Products also has 10 manufacturing units and 75 manufacturing units on contract.

Milestones – The Decades of Progress

  • 1929:The first year of operation. Our only assets were hard work and hope.
  • 1939:Ten years of determined effort brought results. Things began to take shape. And we tried even harder.
  • 1949:The formative years were over. We had come of age.
  • 1974:Here was the first evidence of Parle as it is today.




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