Leh-Ladakh Industrial Visit

Leh- ladahk has got a number of small scale industries worth visiting, the small scale industrial establishment mainly caters the need of Defence/para military establishments and State/Central Government departments main SSI units in this area includes, Khangri Flour Mills Leh., Leh cements, Baytong Industries Leh, Army steel works etc. another industrial attraction in the region is solar and hybrid power plants located at various places.hybrid power plants located at various places.

Set in Himalayan mountain splendor, Ladakh is an enchanted land, which amid the global chaos of our new century, seems in control of its own destiny. The scenic splendor of the soaring mountains and pristine valleys, coupled with the vibrancy of its cultural life, makes Ladakh one of the last undiscovered destinations; an adventure to feed the soul and enrich the senses.

With the iconic sight of Hemis Monastery, 47 km from the capital Leh on the west bank of the Indus, under its belt, the place is famous for nine-storey palace built by King Singge Namgyal in the grand tradition of Tibetan architecture. An exceptional destination for adventurous travelers, the area has a wide array of trekking routes too.

Sights to See

Situated 9 km from Leh on the road to Hemis, Choglamsar is a Tibetan refugee settlement known for a children’s village and a handicraft centre devoted largely to carpet weaving. The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies is a main training place for Buddhist monks in Ladakh. The Dalai Lama’s prayer ground, known as Jivatsal, is an oasis of peace. Monasteries of Spituk, Sabu and Sankar are an added attraction here.

Beacon Highway
An amazing stretch of road from Leh into Nubra valley over an altitude of 5606 metres, Beacon highway is the highest road in the world. The road is open only during the months of Sepetember and October. For the foreigners the road is closed year round since the Nubra Valley is in restricted area and can only be visited with special permission.

Leh Khar Palace
The palace stands like a sentinel overlooking the town. Inside there are old wall paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

Leh Monastery

The monastery houses a solid golden statue of the Buddha, painted scrolls, ancient manuscripts and wall paintings.

Leh Mosque
Built by Singe Namgyal as a tribute to his Muslim mother, the mosque, an exquisite work of Turko Iranian architecture, stands majestically in the main bazaar.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa
One of the royal monasteries, Tsemo Gompa, near the palace, is known for its two storeyed statue of Chamb Buddha in a sitting posture.

Sankar Gompa
The only monastery built on valley level, Sankar Gompa is the seat of the yellow sect of the Buddhists.

Spituk Monastery
The gompa also houses a collection of ancient masks, antique arms and an awe inspiring image of Mahakal. The face of this image is kept covered and is unveiled in the annual festival of Spituk in January.

Stok Palace Museum
The palace of the banished royal family in Stok is now converted into a museum which displays fabulous costumes and jewellary of the royalty along with exquisite thankas


Shey Palace and Monastery (15 km)
The palace has the largest Victory stupa, topped with pure gold and a 7.5 meter statue of Chamba or Maitreya Buddha in a sitting position is wrought of copper and brass, gilded with gold & silver and studded with precious gems.

Thikse Gompa (19 km)
Thikse is one of the largest and architecturally impressive gompas. It has 12 storeys and consists of several temples, resident lamas and a nunnery. Thikse festival is held in autumn every year in the month of September.

How would you like to travel?

Leh airport is connected by flights with Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar.
The nearest railhead is Jammu Tawi connected with all major cities and towns in India.
Leh is connected by good motorable roads to all major places in India.
Leh is:
  • 1047 km from Delhi
  • 434 km from Srinagar
  • 230 km from Kargil
  • 494 km from Manali
  • 380 km from Keylong
  • 118 km from Deskit (Nubra Valley)
  • 690 km from Jammu

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  • Army steel works
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant at Tangtse

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Stakhna Gompa (20 km)
Stakhna monastery is amongst the oldest in Ladakh. This Gompa is just a few kilometer away from Thikse Gompa.

Phyang Gompa (20 km)
On the Leh-Kargil road, Phyang gompa was built by Tashi Namgyal in the later half of the 16th century A.D. and it belongs to the red sect of the Buddhists. Phyang festival is held during summer in July / August.

Hemis High Altitude National Park (35 km)
This National Park is a home to some of the most exotic and rare flora and fauna species. The best time to visit the park is May to October. Permission to visit /camp may be obtained from the Divisional Forest Officer, Hemis National Park, Leh, Ladakh.

Basgo (40 km)
It was the seat of power of a branch of the Namgyal family.

Chemrey Gompa (45 km)
Situated in a picturesque valley leading to Changla, this gompa was constructed as a funeral act of merit on Sengge Namgyal’s death in 1645. Close by is a cave monastery reputed to have been the abode of Padma Sambhav during one of his periods of meditation.

Hemis Gompa (49 km)
Hemis Gompa is the wealthiest, best known and biggest gompa of Ladakh. Its most popular festival, Hemis festival is held annually in June /July.

Tak-Thog Gompa (50 Km)
Located east of Leh, this is the only monastery belonging to the Nying-ma-pa order. Guru Rimpoche (Padma Sambhava) is said to have founded this monastery.

Likir Gompa (61 km)
On the Srinagar -Leh road, the primary attraction of the monastery, however, are the 1000 year old wall paintings. Skilled craftsmen producing excellent thankas, earthen pots and carved, folding, wooden stools, live here in the village.

Alchi Gompa (70 km)

Dates back to 1000 years, this monastery consists of six temples which contain a chorten (religious shrine containing relics of holy people or scripture).

Lamayaru Gompa (125 km)
On crossing Foto -La, the highest point on the Srinagar-Leh road, the oldest holy site in Ladakh, Lamayaru gompa was a Bon Shrine prior to the advent of Buddhism.

Lakes: Pongong Lake or Pongong Tso (143 km)
Pongong Lake is one of the largest and most beautiful natural lakes in the country. The lake is bisected by the international border between India and China as two third part falls in Tibet (China).

Tso Moriri (217 km)

Tso moriri, a pearl shaped lake, lies in an extremely picturesque location between two mountain ranges. An overnight halt is necessary and tented accommodation is arranged by Snow Leopard Adventures of Zangsty, Leh during the season. J & K Tourism operates tented cottages.

Tso Kar
Situated about 45 Km northwest from the Tso Moriri Lake, this ‘white lake’ so called for the salt deposits lying along the shore.

Nubra Valley

Along the eastern ridge of the Karakoram Range in northern Ladakh is the Nubra Valley comprising of the Upper Shayok and Nubra river valleys. Khardungla, at 18,300 ft has the world’s highest motorable road. Tourists can travel upto Khardungla (the highest motorable road in the world) by taxi around 50 Km from Leh and see snow even during summer.