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What is Industrial Tour?

Industrial tour is a specially designed itinerary integrating Industries for a visit along with other tourism destination, the whole idea is to encourage the learning through observation of industrial practices and making students aware of themselves through long distance travel, which is always an eye opening experience for discovering oneself, and these visits are aligned with the previous subjective conditioning of the students in respective professional fields that may vary from Architecture to space science.

The Objective of Industrial Tour

The main objective of industrial Tour is to lessen the gap between classroom teaching and practical working environment and to bring in some positive intangible changes to the personalities of students which results from long distance group travel and industrial visit.

The Philosophy and Seven Steps of organizing Industrial Visit

The philosophy underlying the Industrial Tour is Student centered learning with the emphasizes on Outcome-based education, when a student visits the industries his decision for what he wants to be strengthens, a little push and the right kind of guidance may increase the learning capacity of this particular student to a great extent, this can in fact increase the signaling effect of any particular institution in a long run, there are few steps that we encourages the institutions to take while designing the industrial tour.

Step One: Conditioning the students; Encourage the students to come up with a possible layout of the premises that they are going to visit after the briefing of  the sight, this possible layout may vary from subject to subject and should be strictly based on the previous conditioning of the students in their respective subjects. For example if you are visiting a Dairy Plant, Management students may come up with a possible management plan beginning from procurement procedure to distribution channel, where as the engineering students are concerned they may come up with a Flow diagram of processing units. This activity will condition the students with the possibilities of what they are going to observe, and this pre-visit step is necessary to achieve the outcome-based learning. Dedicate at least two to three class hours for conditioning the students.

Step Two– Framing the Questions; There are two types of questions that may appear in students mind which they may want to ask, first one will be premeditated based on previous subjective or personal conditioning and the second one on the observation of the sight, so understanding these questions are very much important, institutions are recommended to have an insight about these possible questions so that a redirection can be made before embarrassment can occur, this can be done by arranging a question and answer section before the departure.

Step Three– Designing of what to observe Questioner- the objective of designing a questioner is to systematize and sequentialize the observational learning of students this can be done by utilizing the secondary data or with a brief consultation with the industry person about the layout, organizational structure, business philosophy, procedures etc. for example if you are planning for a visit in auto part manufacturing unit for mechanical engineering students and you come to know that the factory has a injection molding plant then you can have essential questions pertaining to injection molding in your questioner.

Once the students are done with the possible layout and possible question and the institution with what to observe questioner, the institutional guide, who is assigned the job for conducting the tour will realize the area of discrepancies that exists, and can take corrective measures.



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A Short Note By Ratish Sharma, Founder Member

The first industrial tour that I assisted in year 2001 made me realize the pitfalls of the practices that are being carried by tour operators, institutions and industry itself, for tour operators their job ended with the arrangements of Transportation, Accommodation, and other travel related services, for institutions they carried out because it was in the curriculum and Industries allowed it as a corporate social responsibility, and somehow the real essence was missing, with the passage of the time things have changed, now tour operators consider it as an area of expertise, institutions carryout it as an Outcome based education and finally industry treat it as an another marketing tool, with my over a decade long experience and expertise in Training Placement and Industrial Relationship I offer my services in assisting you in the formulation of Industrial Tour, as an effort to educate, about the industrial sites available ,I have written number of Posts that can be accessed, I always believed in collective knowledge and request all who are there in some or other aspect in relation with industrial tourism to contribute their ideas opinions and offerings, this contribution from you will not only help the students in better understanding of the practical procedures but will also help in strengthening the foundations of our future generations, though these are big words to say, but I believe.

Step Four– Briefing about Do and Don’ts, before starting the journey students should be briefed about the expected behavior, deviations and its consequences. This will help them to be focused on their objective, and will help in maintaining long term relationship with the industry. With the right kind of attitude you can always make a lot of friends. Apart from this students should be briefed about what to carry to accumulate and retain the information, to fill in the “what to observe” questioner.

Step Five– The Visit, the observational study of practical working environment will connect the students to their theoretical conditioning, and will bridge the gap between the theory and the practices, here it is very necessary for them to record every relevant aspect that’s is in relation to their respective subjects, so that later on they can fill in the questioner and retain what they have observed and learned as an industrial visitor. During the visit students should interact with the industry person in a manner that could open up further opportunities for them or their successors.

Step Six– After the industrial visit students will be in a position to see the things in a better perspective, most of them gets an idea of what they will be doing after the completion of the course, at this point they should be asked to prepare a report on their visit, I always recommend this industrial report to go through two different steps and then complied in one, step one should include the reports based “What To Observe” questioner and step two should be based on the subjective experience of the student about the industrial tour and visit.

Step Seven– Compilation, submission and evaluation of Industrial Tour report should be followed by the publication of the industrial event. Blogs, Social media, college journal, college website are the best possible sites for showcasing the industrial visit, this in returns helps the institution by publicizing to wide audience and hence may increase the signaling effect of the institution benefiting the students.