Jammu Industrial Visit

Jammu is an ideal destination for industrial visit; Jammu & Kashmir State Industrial Development Corporation has developed an industrial estate around Jammu with lots of manufacturing units ranging from beverages to plastic furniture, the main industrial units in the region includes,  Coca Cola ,  Chenab Textile Mills , Dabur India Limited, Godrej Agrovet, Berger Paints India Ltd., Flex Industries, Jindal Photo Limited, Bharat Box, Neel Kamal Industrial Crafts etc.

Appropriately called the City of Temples because of the profusion of shrines dotting the landscape, Jammu is a travel destination on its own right. Studded with an incredibly beautiful landscape, this southernmost unit of the state of Jammu & Kashmir nestles in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Once seat of power of the Dogra Rajas, this winter capital of the state is the leaping off point for the magnificent religious and natural attractions that lure the tourists and devotees to the other parts of the region. In Jammu you can visit beautiful temples, palaces and relics of the past and enjoy the city’s peaceful atmosphere with delightfully stunning tourist sights.

Sights to See

Raghunath Temple

The most famous of the shrines of Jammu, Raghunath Temple is situated in the heart of the town. Dedicated to Lord Rama, this major landmark of the city consists of a cluster of temples housing gigantic statutes of deities and numerous lingams.

Ranbireshwar Temple

One of the most famous shrines of Shiva in Jammu, Ranbireshwar Temple was built by Maharaja Ranabir Singh in 1883. Inn the temple is enshrined an eight feet long central ‘Lingam’. It also enshrines twelve Shiva ‘Lingams made out of crystal measuring from 15 cms to 38 cms.

Bahu Fort

Steeped in history, majestic Bahu Fort is one of the principal visitor attractions in Jammu. Located on the opposite bank of the Tawi River on an upland plateau, the fort is surrounded by a lush green terraced garden, with waterfalls and flowers of just about every kind and colour. It is also one of the most sought after picnic spots the city attracting picnickers in great number.


Mubarak Mandi Palace

An ostentatious jewel in the crown of the rulers of Jammu, the Mubarak Mandi Palace is a wonderful showpiece of architecture. This magnificent structure which once served the residential palace of the princely rulers encompasses an array of courtyards, gardens and buildings including Sheesh Mahal and pink Mahal. Within the palace complex is situated Dogra Art Gallery where you can view fine miniatures belonging to the Jammu and Basohli School of painting.

Shrine of Pir Badhan Ali Shah

The ‘durgah’ of Peer Budhan Ali Shah or Peer Baba as it is known, is visited by people of all faiths. It is said that Peer Baba, a friend of 10th Guru Gobind Singh, lived his entire life on milk alone and lived to the age of five hundred. Hence the name Budhan Ali Shah.

Pir Khoh

Overlooking the Tawi River, the Peer Khoh cave temple is another well-known Shiva temple in Jammu.


Amar Mahal Palace Museum

Amar Mahal Palace Museum is a sight that should not be missed when visiting Jammu. Located on the right bank of the Tawi River, this museum was once a palace built by Raja Amar Singh. Built by a French architect on the lines of a French Chateau, this architectural wonder displays beautiful paintings and several rare art collections.

Ranbir Canal

An oasis of tranquility, a visit to Ranbir Canal offers a serene escape from the daily chores of life. One of the most beautiful spots in Jammu, the place lures the local people who use it as a picnic spot. The scenic landscape, fresh and pure atmosphere will provide visitors an unforgettable experience




Akhnoor (32 km)

Situated on the banks of the mighty Chenab River, the picturesque and historic town of Akhnoor is associated with the legendary romance of Soni-Mahiwal. Hence romance is most definitely in the air in Akhnoor. Ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization along the riverbank are a real draw.

Shahdra Sharief (177 km)

One of the most sacred destinations of Muslim pilgrimage, the shrine of the great Muslim saint, Pir Baba Ghulam Shah, is visited by a large number of devotees. Built in the 19th century on a beautiful hillock in Thanna Mandi area, 29 km from Rajouri town, it has great historical significance in the context of the origin of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Thanna Mandi was the chosen stopover for the Mughals when they journeyed from Delhi to Kashmir and back. It was renowned for its woodcraft and chikri work, particularly the double-edged combs. Regular bus services are available from Rajouri and Jammu.

Jhajjar Kotti (35 km)

Breathtakingly beautiful the idyllic tourist destination of Jhajjar Kotti in the state of Jammu and Kashmir offers an exhilarating experience. It is a famous picnic spot located on the banks of the Jhajjar rivulet.

Purmandal- Uttar Behani (40 km)

The place is famous for its imposing rock temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and for the paintings on the walls of old buildings.

Surinsar Lake (42 km)

Emphatically not to be missed while you’re in Jammu is a visit to the Surinsar Lake. Set in the midst of a dramatic landscape, this heart shaped bewitching lake, situated amid picturesque low hills, will surely captivate you.

Babor (58 km)

The spot is a famous archaeological site, known for its temples.

Vaishnodevi (61 km)

Nestled in the lap of the mighty Trikuta Mountains, the cave shrine of Trikuta Bhagvati, popularly known as Vaishnodevi, one of the most visited pilgrimage centres in India – and indeed the world. Located at an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level, the shrine attracts devotees from different parts of the country and the world.


Kirimchi Temple (64 km)

Located in a beautiful landscape, the magnificent Kirimchi Temple complex is one of the sacred sites for the Hindus. Known for its exceptional architectural and natural beauty, the group consists of five temples locally known as Pandva temples. They were built during eight-ninth century A.D.



  • Chenab Textile Mills
  • Hindustan Coca Cola Beverage Pvt Ltd
  • Flex industries (uflex)
  • Nilkamal Plastics Ltd.

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries


Baba Dhansar (65 km)

Surrounded by natural Scenery this is a sacred place that is 10 km from Katra. Shivaratri is the major festival which attracts a large number of visitors.

Jassota Sanctuary (65 km)

Occupying a small area of 3.75 sq. miles the sanctuary supports a large population of Chital, barking deer, wild boar and rhesus macaque.

Dera Baba Banda (75 km)

A famous pilgrimage destination for the Sikhs the place, located 30 km from Katra, is an attractive spot, with a Gurudwara & Samadhi dedicated to Baba Banda Bairagi- the favourite saint soldier of Guru Gobind Singh.

Mansar Lake (80 km)

A visit to this beautiful and picturesque lake ringed by forest covered hills is a fairytale panoramic tour. The ruins of a small old palace decorated with colourful frescoes on its banks are an added attraction.

Holy Cave of Shiva Khori (90 km)

Located in an incredible landscape, Shiva Khori is a site of immense significance for pilgrims. 75 Km from Katra, the place can be reached after a 3 km. trek from Ransu. Shaped like Lord Shiva’s Damroo, the holy cave is nearly a kilometre long and houses a 4 ft high, naturally formed ‘Shivling’. A major fair on the eve of Shivaratri is organised every year with much pomp and ceremony and large crowd gather here to pay their homage.

Salal Dam & Lake (95 km)

The largest hydro electric project in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the dam is visited for its beautiful artificial lake that captivates tourists.

Ramnagar (102 km)

Steeped in history, the place is one of Jammu’s greatest treasures. It is home to an impressive fort housing palace, built by Raja Suchet Singh, as well as Samadhi of Maharani who committed sati after the death of the king.

Kud (106 km)

Located at an altitude of 1770 metres on the Jammu-Srinagar highway, the place captivates picnickers and offers a wide range of trekking options.

Patnitop (108 km)

A popular excursion from Jammu, Patnitop has been a huge draw card for travellers from far and wide for its natural beauty and tranquility. Enveloped by thickly wooded forests the place is perched atop a hill. The beauty of Patnitop means that a trip here should definitely be included in your Jammu’s itinerary.

Reasi (79 km)

Once the seat of the erstwhile Bhimgarh State, the town is located on the Chenab River.

Gauri Kund (115 km)

Named after Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva, this spring is the place where she used bathe before commencing her daily prayers at Sudh Mahadev.

Billawar (120 km)

A place of religious significance, it is famous for its Mahabilkeshwar Shiva temple.

Sudh Mahadev (120 km)

Situated at an altitude of 1225 metres near Patnitop, this sacred place is visited by pilgrims on the full moon night of “Saawan” (July-August) to worship the “Trishul” (trident) and a mace which according to tradition is said to belong to Lord Shiva.


Mantalai (124 km)

Surrounded by lush Deodar forests, Mantalai is a few Kilometers away from Sudh Mahadev. Located at a height of over 2000 mts, it is famous for being the place where Lord Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati.

Basohli (125 km)

Basohli attracts visitors who come to this town in Jammu and Kashmir for a brush with history and art. The Place gave birth to the famous art of the Pahari miniatures known as Basohli Paintings.

Batote (125 km)

The stuff of poetry and painting, Batote is situated at an altitude of 1560 metres. The bracing climate, enchanting pine forests and good spring water make Batote a famous health resort.

Sanasar (129 km)

A lush green cup-shaped meadow surrounded on all sides by the thick bands of lofty conifers on the mountain slopes, the place is ideal for adventurous spirits who can indulge in paragliding.

Sukrala Devi Temple (132 km)

Picturesquely perched on a hillock, the shrine of Sukrala Devi is located at a height of 3500 ft amidst serene surroundings.

How would you like to travel?

The city’s airport is connected by flights from major cities of India.
Jammu Tawi is connected by rail with major cities and places in India.

Jammu is connected by good motorable roads to all major places in India.

Jammu is:

  • 243 km from Amritsar
  • 436 km from Chandigarh
  • 586 km from Delhi
  • 428 km from Manali
  • 305 km from Srinagar
  • 48 km from Katra

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