Industrial Visit for Animation Student by M.S.Harsha Vardhan


Animation industry is evolving constantly and rapidly. Days are gone when companies needed artists with technical skills. Many companies are looking out for the ones who have creative and professional skills. Curriculum related to technical software, in addition management skills also. Many colleges have introduced entrepreneurial subjects and projects to develop them as visionaries and team players.

I recommend when designing the curriculum give the next stage skills for students.

Subjects like lateral thinking, mind-maps should be introduced to create authentic stories rather than adopted ones. I recommend certification from PMI – Project Management Institute for the students who want to be in managerial side of the floor. This certification is important to initiate, plan, execute, finalize and close the project.

1. Which industries may have such kind a facility that you think is suitable for your students to visit  

All industries are ready to help the community, in the related field of expertise and have an incubation centre for the students to learn and enrich their skills. Industries visits are often delayed due to the fact that production is too hectic.

2. Question to ask to industry person/ how to prepare students for industrial visit

A studio visit is to make student understand and observe the work environment and professionalism they need when working in an industry. Start implementing in their appearance and conduct.

 Question related to other skills they need to excel after joining as a fresher and proving proficient.

Does the company want certifications from any specific institutes?

Work and education employment.

Questions on salary should be avoided.



M.S.Harsha Vardhan
Animation Technical Consultant
Freelance Artist and Educator

3. What/how to compile the accumulated knowledge

The accumulated knowledge is from lot of sources which are diverse and should be balanced and comprehensive. A lot of enriching feedback should be noted.

4. What more can be added to enrich the industrial tour experience

Attentive and Professional approach during industry tour is expected. Dressing style and conduct should be taken care of.

5. Finally your experience of a industrial Tour, that you have been to

During my education we lacked industrial tours. We ourselves visited the studio to have a glimpse of the studio in and out. My students are glad to have a industry visit.

My industry tour was short and brief with my students. We visited Rhythm and Hues India in Hyderabad. We are always thankful to the HR and the trainers in the studio. Very professional, cheering team players. International and National Artists working together on advanced workstations.  Informative and impressive.