Industrial Tour – An Introduction By Swapna Dogiparthy

Industrial tour is vital part of a curriculum. There are certain courses which needs industrial visits especially courses like MBA, Engineering courses, Aeronautical courses, Hotel Management courses. Even though there is teaching, industrial visits are very essential for these courses to posses practical knowledge.

The main objective of industrial visit is to help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the industry which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active leasing experiences both inside and outside the class room.

This article is relevant to MBA students especially. In MBA students have specializations such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Systems etc. So, these students can visit all types of organization and study for functioning to each department in detail. This gives students to understand the subject to its core. It also gives idea to students about their job profile once they start working.

Students should have a thorough knowledge about all the departments such as production, finance, HR etc. departments. Industrial visit is not relevant to the semesters and subjects for MBA students of Acharya Nagarjuna University and its affiliated colleges.

They should have knowledge among industries and their functions Industrial tour for MBA students is a part of curriculum. Industries such as manufacturing industries, advertising agencies, stock exchanges, etc. All organizations are suitable for MBA students to visit. MBA students are eligible to work in any kind of organization, so they can visit every organization which permits them for the visit.

Questions by students:

  1. Explore the process running in organization.
  2. Investigate policies and procedures.
  3. Explore the compliance of policies and procedures.
  4. Analyze the economics of the process.
  5. Investigate the health and safety considerations.
  6. Investigate the skills and expertise of the work force.
  7. Investigate the career opportunities.
  8. Investigate the environmental considerations.
  9. Examine the quality control in the process.

Ancillary investigations by students.

  1. Health and safety
  2. Environment
  3. Waste management
  4. Careers

The above questions should be investigated by the students. Every organization provides an In-charge person who can explain all the queries about the organization and shows the functions of each and every department. In industrial tour, students will not only visit industries but also famous and good site seeing places for entertainment. Then only industrial tour will be successful. This will enrich the students more.

Our experience for Chennai Industrial tour. We went to Chennai, Puducherry and Vellore.

In Chennai, the plants we visited are one small scale industry which produce Agarbatis, Amruthanjan, Gemini Colour Laboratories. In Puducherry, we visited Beverages manufacturing unit, leather bags manufacturing unit.

In all these 3 places we had site seeing also like Museum, beach, temples. We had gone through all the manufacturing processes in all the cited above organizations.

Especially in Amruthanjan, Human resources is less. Majority of the production process is carried out of by machines only. Men at work is less. Men are working only for packing especially.

In, HR department, HR personnel explained us the HR policies and welfare measures taken up by the industry. They also explained about the career opportunities to the students.

This is in brief about the trip to Chennai.

From this we can understand that how industrial visits and tours are useful to the students.


Swapna Dogiparthy

Research Scholar, MPhil, MBA

Associate Professor, HOD Business Studies