Hogenakkal Industrial Visit

Hogenakkal going students can go to Salem or Dharmapuri for their industrial visit Salem is one of the major producers of Stainless steel, traditional silver anklets, textile,automotive parts, magnesite , dairy products etc. the major industrial players in the district includes Salem Steel Plant, Salem Diary, Hutson Diary (P) Ltd., L.S.P. Oil Mills, B.S.P. Refinaries, Burn & Company, Salem District Co-op Spinning Mill, Tamilnadu Magnesites, Thambi Modern Spinning Mill, MALCO, Champlast, Dalmia Magensite etc. In Dharmapuri you can visit Dharmapuri Co-operative district Milk producers union or Samalpati Diesel power plant.

The Hogenakkal Falls, also referred to the Niagara of India, are located in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu. The word means ‘smoking rock’, a name derived from the cloud of mist and spray that envelopes the falls, as the River Kaveri descends, through rocky terrain.
Several majestic falls are created as the water cuts through the rocks, in some places falling from a height of as much as 20 m. The waters at Hogenakkal are known for their curative powers, and bathing in the river is a popular activity.
Also popular are rides in coracles, primitive, light, bowl-shaped boats with a frame of woven grasses, reeds, or saplings covered with hides. Hogenakkal offers a quiet holiday among natural beauty.

Sights to See

Also called the Niagara of India, the falls are well known for medicinal baths and hide boat ridesThe main attraction Hogenakkal is the falls, which drop vertically from a height of 20 m with a thundering sound. This wall of water suddenly starts flowing in swift narrow streams along rock formations.

Coracles are available for boating in the streams. A track leading to the narrow stretch of the Cauvery nearby involves a climb up a hill amidst tropical bush and thick vegetation. The Desanathiswara Siva temple located near by is said to have been founded 2,000 years ago by saint Agastya and the Madhyarangam temple dedicated to Vishnu is also of interest. There are also a snake farm and a crocodile bank in Hogenakkal.


Hosur: A large fort, ascribed to a Capt Hamilton and two other prisoners who were asked by Tipu Sultan to strengthen his forts, is located here. Kottai Mariamman Temple within the fort and Chandrasunderaswarar Temple on a nearby hill are worth visiting. Hosur is also a modern industrial city with several automobile units.


Industries Enroute

  • Dharmapuri District Co-Operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd
  • Hatsun agro product ltd
  • TVS Motors Hosur
  • Titan Hosur

And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Adhiammankottai: Situated 8 km from Dharmapuri, this ancient site is well known for its fort where several inscriptions are found

Once a place of importance, Krishnagiri’s fort is interesting because of the huge boulders that make up its walls, revealing its glorious past. The dam located 10 km from here is a peaceful picnic spot.

Thali: Located 25 km from Hosur, Thali has a fortress abutting a tank.

Theerthamalai Pilgrim Centre: Located 16 km northeast from Hasur.

Hanumantha Thirtham: It is situated in the bank of Pennaiyar, 10 km from Uthangarai and is traditionally associated with Theerthamalai.

How would you like to travel?

The nearest airport in Bangalore (150 km)
Dharmapuri (46 km) is the nearest railhead, which is connected to Salem and Bangalore.
Hogenakkal is connected by road with most places in the South. It is
  • 46 km from Dharmapuri
  • 121 km from Salem
  • 275 km from Coimbatore
  • 150 km from Bangalore
  • 357 km from Chennai
Bus services connect Hogenakkal to Dharmapuri, which in turn is connected to Chennai, Bangalore, Salem, etc.

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