Chardham Industrial Visit

Chardham going students may have their industrial visit at Haridwar, or at numerous hydro electric projects that you will find enroute to various destinations of Chardham. The State Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand (SIDCUL) has established a SEZ adjacent to Shivalik Nagar near Haridwar, this SEZ has numerous industries like Hindustan Lever, Dabur, Mahendra & Mahendra, Havells Hero MotoCorp Ltd, Minda Industries Ltd, Atul Auto Limited, Cavinkare Pvt. Ltd. Etc.

The temples of Lords Shiva and Vishnu at Kedarnath and Badrinath, respectively, and those dedicated to Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna at Gangotri and Yamunotri, respectively, have been venerated pilgrimages for centuries.

Once reached only on foot after treacherous treks, they are now easily accessible by road. These shrines popularly known as the ‘Char Dham’, open from mid-May till Diwali, and are visited by thousands of pilgrims, seeking salvation, during the season.

The shrines and the places on route to them are shrouded in myth that serves to enhance the powerful spiritual influence of the Char Dham.

Sights to See

Badrinath Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple contains the main idol is carved in Shalagram stone and represents Vishnu seated in meditation, flanked by NarNarayan. The present temple was built two centuries ago by the Garhwal Kings. During the period when the temple remains closed, the idols are taken to Pandukeshwar. The other important Badris are Bhavishye Badri, Yogadhyan Badri, Vrudh Badri and Adi Badri located near the main Badrinath Shrine which is known as ‘Panch Badri’.
Tapt Kund or Surya Kund
The famous hot springs are located just below the temple

A majestic peak of the Himalayas, towering to a height of 6,600 m. Other places of interest are the Mata Murti, Sesh Netra and Urvashi temples & Charanapaduka

Mana Village(4 km):
Considered as the last village on the Indo-Tibet border. Further 4 km from Mana village are the Vasundhara waterfalls, one of the biggest in India.

Satopanth Lake (18 km):
A natural lake situated amidst high mountains. On Route Rishikesh-Badrinath

At an altitude of 480 m, the mighty waters of the River Ganga here are ideal for white water rafting. Rock climbing can also be arranged. GMVN conducts river-rafting courses at Kaudiyala. Accom: Rest Tent Colony (GMVN) Kaudiyala, Dist Tehri, Tel 01378 262911.

Situated at the confluence of the rivers Alakananda and Bhagirathi, it is an important pilgrim centre with its Shiva and Ragunath temples. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Deoprayag, Tehri Dist., Tel: (01378) 266013

Srinagar (Garhwal):
The old capital of Garhwal. Places of interest here are the Kamleshwar and Kalpaveshwar temples and the Shankar Math. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Srinagar, Dist. Pauri, Tel: 01346 252199, 257109

Situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Mandakini. The temples that dot this region are those of Rudranath and Chamunda Devi. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Rudraprayag, Dist. Pauri, Tel: 01364 233347.

A beautiful valley. Accom:Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Gauchar, Dist. Chamoli, Tel: 01363 240611.

The base for treks to Roopkund and Bedni Bugyal. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN) , Dist. Chamoli, Tel: 01363 244210.

Nandaprayag: An important pilgrim centre with a temple of Gopalji. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Nandprayag. Tel: 01372 261215

Known for its scenic beauty. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Chamoli Dist. Tel: 01372 266237.

It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya performed penance here. After enlightenment, he established a religious centre (Math) here, which he called ‘Jyotirmath’. Joshimath has temples dedicated to Goddess Durga and Ugra Narsimha, the lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Accom: (1) New Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Dist. Chamoli, Tel: 01389 222226 : (2) Old Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Joshimath, Dist. Chamoli, Tel: 01389 222118; (3) Badri-Kedar Temple Trust Dharamshala.(4) Birla Guest House. (5) Forest Rest House. (6) The Camp Chardham.

Govindghat is the starting point of the trek to the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund. Accommodation is available at the Gurudwara in Govindghat.

Famous for the temple of Yogdhyan Badri, one of the Panch Badris. The other four are Vishal Badri (Badrinath), Adi Badri (17 km from Karnaprayag), Bhavishya or future Badri and Vridha or old Badri (Joshimath). Pandukeshwar houses the idol of the Badrinath temple during the winter months.

Hemkund Sahib:
(20 km from Govind Ghat by foot). This sacred Sikh shrine is situated on the shores of the Hemkund Lake (4,320 m). It marks the place where Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and the last Guru unified with God after meditation.

Valley of Flowers:
(19 km trekking from Govind Ghat:): A beautiful scenic valley in the Himalayas, flowers blooms from July till end of August. (Trekking route: Govindghat-Pulna-Bhyunder-Ghangaria-Valley of Flowers-Hemkund). KEDARNATH Sites to See

Kedarnath Temple

Located at an altitude of 3,581 metres, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath, is among the most revered pilgrim centres in the country. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple according to legend was first built and venerated by the Pandava brothers, to atone for their sins after the battle of Mahabharat.

Bhairavnath Temple:
To the south of the main temple stands the temple of Bhairav, the deity who guards Kedarnath in winter, when it is closed for worship.

Chorabari (Gandhi Sarovar):
Situated 1 km from Kedarnath, it is usually referred to as Gandhi Sarovar, because the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed in the lake.

Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharaya:
Behind the Kedarnath temple is the samadhi where Adi Shankaracharya, the saint and philosopher gave up his life.

Vasuki Tal:
This Lake with its crystal clear water is located at an altitude of 14,200 ft. The other Kedars are: Madmaheshwar, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar.

On Route Rishikesh-Kedarnath
(Route from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag same as in Rishikesh – Badrinath Route) Agastamuni:
Agastamuni is very scenic with its rich green forests.

Kund:From Kund one can visit Ukhimath (8 km), the winter seat of Lord Kedarnath and three of the Panch Kedars namely Tunganath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Ukhimath, Tel: 01364 264236.

An important pilgrim centre, with the Chandrasekhar and Ardhanarishwar temples. GMVN Accomodation Tel: 01364 267221, Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Guptkashi, Dist. Chamoli, Tel: 01364 26721. The Chardham Camp

Situated at the confluence of the Sone Ganga and Mandakini rivers. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Rampur (20 km before Soneprayag) 01364-262114

This is the last motor head and from here one has to trek 14 km to Kedarnath via Garurchatti and Rambara. Horses, dandies, ponies and coolies for luggage are available. Accom: Tourist Bungalow (GMVN), Tel: 01364 269202.

Submerged Shivling:
A natural rock Shivling which, according to legend, is where Lord Shiva sat to receive the Ganga in his matted locks.

Chirbasa (9 km):
It is an excellent site for camping and the best viewpoint before Gaumukh. Accom: Dharamshalas and PWD Rest Sheds are available.

Bhojwasa (16 km):
Bhojbasa, 3 km from Gaumukh is situated at an altitude of 3,792 m. There are a few ashrams in Bhojbasa. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Bhojbasa, Dist. Uttarkashi.

Kedar Tal (18 km):
This enchanting lake is situated south of Gangotri at an altitude of 5065 m and it is a 18 km trek from Gangotri. Kedar Tal is also a base camp for treks.

Gaumukh (19 km):
At a height of 3892 m, Gaumukh is the source of the river Ganga. The trek from Gangotri to Gaumukh is gradual but beyond Gaumukh, one should venture only with proper gear and an experienced guide.

Industries Enroute

  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy
  • Minda Industries Ltd


And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Gangotri in Uttarkashi District is situated at the confluence of the rivers, Kedar Ganga and Bhagirathi Ganga. According to legend, Gangotri is the place where Goddess Ganga descended on earth as a reward for King Bhagirath’s severe penance. The source of the river is at Gaumukh, 18 km south east of Gangotri along the Gangotri glacier.

Gangotri Temple:
The 20 feet high temple is made of white granite. It was built in the early 18th century by a Gorkha commander and later renovated in the 20th century. Accom:Shikhar Nature Resort (5 km from Uttarkashi on the way to Gangotri. Resvn: Tel: 01377 222221.

 Nandavan/ Tapovan (25 km):
A difficult 6 km trek from Gaumukh along the glacier. Nandavan is the base camp for the Bhagirath peaks and offers a stunning view of the Shivling Peak, Tapovan is known for its exquisite meadows.

On Route Rishikesh-Gangotri

Narendra Nagar:
It commands a panoramic view of the Doon Valley and the river Ganga. Accommodation in the form of budget hotels available.

A picturesque place. The road bifurcates here for Mussoorie, New Tehri and Rishikesh. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Chamba, Dist. Tehri, Tel: 01376 255245.

New Tehri:
New headquarters of the district of Tehri Garhwal, lying on the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers.

An important pilgrim centre often equated with Varanasi or Kashi. Uttarkashi is connected by bus services with all major centres in the region. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Uttarkashi, Tel: 01374 222222, 222271. Shikhar Nature Resort, Garam Pani, Gawana.

Noted for its thermal springs and a close up view of the Himalayas.

Starting point for various treks in the region. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Harsil, Dist. Uttarkashi. Tel: 013773 232210

At an elevation of 2650 m and famous for the temple of Bhairavnath. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Bhaironghati.

Yamunotri, the western most shrine in the Garhwal region, is situated at an altitude of 3,322 m. The shrine is reached by a trek of 14 km from Hanuman Chatti, the nearest roadhead. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The origin of the river Yamuna is at the Champasar Glacier, near Yamunotri.

Temple of Yamuna
The temple is a simple structure and the idol of Goddess Yamuna is in black marble. The temple was built between 1892 and 1893 and was destroyed twice due to earthquake after which it was re-built.

Divya Shila:A rock pillar, worshipped before entering the Yamunotri temple.

Surya-Kund: Near the temple of Goddess Yamuna there are number of hot springs. The most important of these is Surya Kund.

On route Rishikesh – Yamunotri
Route from Rishikesh to Chamba (same as in Rishikesh – Gangotri route) Dharasu:
The road bifurcates here for Gangotri and Yamunotri.


For the nature lovers, Barkot offers every charm in its forests, mountains and valleys. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Tel: 01375 224236.

A small village nestling in a forest on the banks of the Yamuna. Accom: Tourist Rest House (GMVN), Sayanchatti.

Hanuman Chatti:
Set in very beautiful surroundings, at the confluence of the Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers. The 14 km trek to Yamunotri starts from here. Accom: (GMVN) 01375 2233371.

This is the last halting place on the Yamunotri route. Accommodation is very limited at Yamunotri, hence pilgrims return to Jankichatti, which is just 7 km from Yamunotri. Jankichatti is also famous for thermal springs. Accom: Tourist Bungalow (GMVN).

How would you like to travel?

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant at Dehradun (315 km from Badrinath, 240 km from Kedarnath, 298 km from Gangotri and 177 km from Yamunotri) and is connected to Delhi. However, this sector is discontinued for time being. (Indian Airlines operates smaller aircrafts between Delhi and Dehradun). Delhi is the most convenient airport.
The nearest railhead is Rishikesh (297 km from Badrinath, 229 km from Kedarnath, 251 km from Gangotri and 223 km from Yamunotri), which is connected via Haridwar with major cities and towns in India.
Badrinath is well connected by road with:
  • Auli 58 km,
  • Chamoli 97 km,
  • Dehradun 315 km,
  • Delhi 535 km,
  • Deoprayag 225 km,
  • Govind Ghat 22Km,
  • Haridwar 321 km,
  • Hemkund 50 km,
  • Joshimath 42 km,
  • Karnaprayag 126 km,
  • Nandaprayag 158 km,
  • Srinagar (Garhwal) 194 km,
  • Valley of Flowers 50 km, etc.

Gaurikund, 14 km away is the roadhead to Kedarnath from where Kedarnath is approachable on foot, or on horse back. Kedarnath is connected via Gaurikund with:

  • Agastamuni 65 km,
  • Badrinath via Rudraprayag 242 km,
  • Dehradun 240 km,
  • Delhi 447 km,
  • Deoprayag 154 km,
  • Guptakashi 45 km,
  • Haridwar 253 km,
  • Rishikesh 229 km,
  • Rudraprayag 84 km,
  • Soneprayag 19 km,
  • Srinagar (Garhwal) 118 km,
  • Ukhimath 63 km

Gangotri is well connected by road with :

  • Dehradun 290 km,
  • Delhi 496 km,
  • Dharasu 125 km,
  • Haridwar 275 km,
  • Mussoori 256 km,
  • Rishikesh 251 km,
  • Tehri 167 km,
  • Uttarkashi 97 km
  • Yamunotri (via Dharasu) 232 km

Yamunotri is connected by road via Hanumanchatti (14 km away, from where Yamunotri is approachable on foot) with :

  • Chamba 165 km,
  • Dehradun 177 km,
  • Delhi 447 km,
  • Dharasu 106 km,
  • Gangotri 236 km,
  • Hanuman Chatti 14 km,
  • Haridwar 247 km,
  • Mussoorie 139 km,
  • Narendranagar 208 km,
  • Rishikesh 223 km, Uttarkashi 136 km.
Route from Rishikesh to Badrinath / Kedarnath / Gangotri /Yamunotri
1. Rishikesh to Badrinath:Rishikesh to
  • Kaudiyala 37 km
  • Deoprayag 34 km
  • Srinagar (Uttarakhand) 38 km
  • Rudraprayag 32 km
  • Gauchar 22 km
  • Karnaprayag 10 km
  • Nandaprayag 21 km
  • Chamoli 10 km
  • Pipalkoti 17 km
  • Joshimath 34 km
  • Vishnu Prayag 12 km
  • Govindghat 6 km
  • Pandukeshwar 2 km
  • Badrinath 22 km

2. Rishikesh to Kedarnath via Rudraparyag: Rishikesh to

  • Kaudiyala 37 km
  • Deoprayag 34 km
  • Srinagar (Uttarakhand) 38 km
  • Rudraprayag 32 km
  • Agastamuni 17 km
  • Kund 18 km
  • Guptakashi 7 km
  • Soneprayag 27 km
  • Gaurikund 5 km
  • Kedarnath 14 km Distance between Gaurikund & Kedarnath has to be covered on foot.

3. Badrinath to Kedarnath : Badrinath to

  • Joshimath 42 km
  • Chamoli 51 km
  • Gopeshwar 10 km
  • Guptakashi 79 km
  • Gaurikund 35 km
  • Kedarnath 14 km Distance between Gaurikund & Kedarnath to be covered on foot.

4. Rishikesh to Gangotri – Gaumukh:Rishikesh to

  • Narendranagar 15 km
  • Chamba 48 km
  • Tehri 12 km
  • Dharasu 47 km
  • Uttarkashi 29 km
  • Gangnani 49 km
  • Bhaironghati 52 km
  • Gangotri 9 km
  • Bhojbasa 16 km
  • Gaumukh 3 km Distance between Gangotri and Gaumukh ( 19 km ) has to be covered on foot.

5. Rishikesh to Yamunotri ( via Dharasu):Rishikesh to

  • Narendranagar 15 km
  • Chamba 48 km
  • Tehri 12 km
  • Dharasu 47 km
  • Barkot 54 km
  • Sayanchatti 27 km
  • Hanumanchatti 6 km
  • Jankichatti 8 km and Yamunotri 6 km Distance between Hanumanchatti & Yamunotri (14 km) has to be covered on foot.

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