Chandipur Industrial Visit

Chandipur going students may have their industrial visit in Balasore. One of the unique oraganisation PXE is situated near Balasore, PXE offers ammunition firing proof testing, offering range facilities near chandipur. Another interesting aspect of Balasore is that the Balasore is one of the most literate town of Orissa having a literacy rate of 99%, the major industries in Balasore includes Birla Tyres, Ispat Alloyes Ltd, Emami Paper Mill Ltd, Polar Pharma India Ltd. Omfed dairy.

Chandipur is one of the few beaches of the world where the sea recedes up to 5km daily at low tide. Chasing the waves in a jeep when the sea retreats is an unforgettable experience. This gives the visitor the unexpected pleasure of literally walking fearlessly into the sea.

Swaying casurina trees, sand dunes and the vast open beach make Chandipurone of the finest beaches in Odisha, acompelling destination. It is also famous for its Interim Test Range from where sophisticated missiles are tested

Sights to See

Chandipur is a gift of Orissa’s long coastline of over 480 km along the Bay of Bengal. Chandipur has the unique distinction of being one of the few beaches in the world where the sea water recedes away from the shore line about 5 km twice a day, an unusual phenomenon, rarely found anywhere. You can see the sea literally vanishing before your eyes and also watch it coming back rhythmically at regular intervals, as if playing hide and seek. This marvel of nature gives bathers the unexpected pleasure of fearlessly walking into the sea and happily playing with the waves.

When the waters disappear, you can even take jeep ride on the wide beach. The beauty of the exposed beach is further enhanced by the small red crabs. If you’re a beach comber, you will be delighted with its abundant wealth of sea shells and drift wood.

Located 2km from Chandipur, this fishing harbouis an ideal cruising and picnic spot as well as the point where river Budhabalangameets the sea.


Chandbali(136 km):
This has been a famous river port since medieval time. It is the confluence of Brahmani and holy Baitarani rivers, which is the gateway to the mangrove forest, Bhitarkanika, famous for crocodile sanctuary. 

Dhamra(160 km):
Thisis located on the confluence of the rivers Baitarani and Brahmani where they meet the sea. It is one of the small ports of India.

The Jayachandiban of Jayachandi is a picnic spot. A place of historic importance Raibania finds mention in ‘Ain-I-Akabari’ by AbulFazal. The place is known for its group of forts now in ruins.

How would you like to travel?

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is connected to major cities in India.
The nearest railway station Balasore, on the East Coast Railway, is linked with Howrah (Kolkata), as well as the other major places in India.
Chandipur is connected by good motorable roads to all places in India.
Chandipur is:
  • 16 km from Balasore
  • 230 km from Bhubaneswar
  • 201 km from Cuttack
  • 314 km from Kolkata

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And many More Industries for more information see state wise list of Industries

Remuna(25 km):
It is famous for KhirachoraGopinath Temple. This 19th century Vaishnava shrine is dedicated to Lord Kriishna.

Panchalingeswar (45 km):
Situated on a hillock Panchalingeswar is a tranquil place with its captivating beauty in the lap of nature. The place derives its name from the five lingas (Phallus) enshrined on ahill top. A place of pilgrimage, it also offers a heavenly pleasure in the spectacular beauty of the Devgiri mountain range. A perennial spring is the added attraction here. You can also trek from Panchalingeswar to Kuldiha jungle. 

Chandanswar (106 km):
The holy shrine of Lord Chandaneswar is a religious centre. Festive occasions like Nilaparva are celebrated in April. This is the only temple in Odisha which is built in Bengali style of temple architecture. 

Similipal (116 km) 

Sajanagarh (45 km):
The place is famous for the shrine of BhudaraChandi. 

Kuldiha Sanctuary(45 km): 

Nestled in forests, the Kuldiha Sanctuary is home to a wide array of wildlife such as tiger, leopard, elephant, gaur, sambar, giant squirrel. The sanctuary is also a haven for a number of bird species like hill myna, peafowl, hornbills and various rep tiles. It is linked with Similipal through Sukhupada hills and Nato hill ranges. A trek from Nilgiri amidst Kuldiha forests is worth enjoying. 

Deokund (126 km):
Deokundhas a series of waterfalls and a Shakti shrine situated in the outer periphery of Similipal.

Aradi (128 km):
Situated on the bank of river Baitarani, known as sacred Ganges of Odisha, Aradi is famous for its lord Akhandalmani temple.

Nilagiri (40 km): 
The town is famous for the palace of the erstwhile ruler of Nilagiriand the Jagannath temple.