Almora Industrial Visit

Almora going students can have their industrial visit in Rudrapur Industrial Area near Haldwani district, there are numerous companies ranging from automobile to paper pulp in adjoining areas, it is recommended to go for the industrial visit on the last day of your trip.

Situated in the Kumaon Hills, Almora is a charming town is known for its pleasant climate and stunning spectacles provided by nature. It is perched atop the 5 km long saddle shaped ridge of the Kashaya hill.
It is surrounded by the gentle, rolling hills of Kumaon on three sides, and its northern front affords a breathtaking view of the Trishul Peaks. Almora is also the cultural and social hub of the Kumaon region. It was once the capital of the Chand dynasty and before that was ruled by the Katyuri kings.

Sights to See

Bright End Corner
It commands a grand view of the Himalayas at sunrise and sunset.

It is famous for its landscape and view of Almora town and some of the Himalayan peaks. The colour of the soil here is black and hence the name Kalimath.

Mohan Joshi Park
It is a small park with a ā€˜Vā€™ shaped artificial lake.

Kasar Devi
The temple of Kasar Devi is situated atop a hill, beyond Kalimath.

Khazanchi Mohalla
The old buildings here have beautifully carved facades. There is also a small plaque which says that Swami Vivekanand lived here in 1890; and 1897.

Deer Park
Situated at Narain Tewari Dabal, it is a famous tourist spot.

Chitai Temple
It is noted for its temple of Lord Golla.

It is an ideal picnic spot with a beautiful landscape.

Government Museum
Near Bus Station, Tel: 05962 22262. Timings: 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Open daily except Mondayd and gazetted holidays.

How would you like to travel?

The nearest airport is at Pantnagar (127 km). However, due to suspension of fight services to Patnagar, the most convenient airport is Delhi.
The nearest railway station is Kathgodam (90 km), which is connected directly with Agra, Delhi and Lucknow.

Motorable roads connect Almora with:

  • Bareilly 192 km
  • Delhi 373 km
  • Dehradun 416 km
  • Haridwar 354 km
  • Kathgodam 90 km
  • Kausani 52 km
  • Lucknow 400 km
  • Moradabad 204 km
  • Nainital 65 km
  • Pithoragarh 116 km
  • Ranikhet 49 km
  • Ramnagar 146 km

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Industries Enroute

  • Auroville Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dabur India Limited
  • Britannia Industries Ltd

And many more in near by areas

For more details see the state wise industrial List


Katarmal (16 km):
The ruins of a sun temple here are said to be 800 years old. The temple is noted for its architecture, stone and metallic sculptures and pillars and doors.

Khali Estate (22 km):

A resort located near Ayarpani village, on top of a hill surrounded by pine and forests, facing the vast panorama of the majestic snow clad mountains of the Central Himalayas.

Binsar (30 km):
Summer capital of the Chand Rajas, it offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas. The forests of Himalayan Oak and Rhododendron are excellent for treks.

Sitlakhet (30 km):
A picturesque place full of orchards; of special interest is the Syahi Devi Temple.

Jageshwar (34 km):
The chief attraction here is a cluster of temples attributed to the Chand dynasty, set against a back drop of towering deodars. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva but there is a strong Buddhist influence in the carvings of these temples.

Jalna (35 km):
Situated in picturesque surroundings at an height of about 5,500 feet, it provides a wide panoramic view of the Himalayas and has a number of orchards.

Ranikhet (50 km)

Baijnath (72 km):
Situated on the river Gomti, this ancient temple in the Katyuri architectural style has a finely chiselled image of the Goddess Parvati , 4.5 feet high.

Bageshwar (77 km):
A pilgrim centre, it is situated at the confluence of the sacred rivers Saryu and Gomti. It derives its name from the local temple of Lord Shiva.

Gananath (47 km):
It is known for its Shiva temple and caves, in natural scenic setting.

Kausani (52 km)